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Do people with Asperger's disease talk a lot

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Many people with Asperger's Syndrome are overly interested in unusual subjects, and will focus or talk about them a lot. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-people-with-asperger%27s-disease-talk-a-lot ]
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Do people with Asperger's disease talk a lot
Many people with Asperger's Syndrome are overly interested in unusual subjects, and will focus or talk about them a lot.

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Asperger's Syndrome - may it affect me?
Q: For the past couple of days, I've been sitting on the thought with my somewhat seeming good chance of being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I noticed though, a lot of the symptoms connected to AS, are things that have troubled, and or, helped me throughout life.1. Social Situations. I get tongue twisted quite a bit, and find it hard to make eye contact for long. When I do make eye contact, I can't help but pull away every few seconds even though I don't want too. I'm still listening, even if the person can't see that through eye contact. Talking on the phone is one of my biggest fears, unless it's with my best friend I've known since first grade, then I'm pretty comfortable. Girl or boy, I get nervous. Talking on online games like Counter Strike, or using VoIP like Ventrilo, I get nervous even. I actually work better in real life social situations, maybe not better, but I feel more comfortable and I kind of get pushed in real life. I've damaged some friendships though not answering the phone when someone calls. I also find it hard to make small talk, and find it a waste of time even though it's not when you are trying to socialize. A lot of the time, I don't see social situations confusing, but just me failing to act out what I want to "express" in them.2. I find myself highly skilled in certain areas. I'm very good with computers, it's my high point. In elementary school, I had the fastest typing speed in the school. During typing classes, I didn't play games like other people, or socialize, I just practiced typing. It was fun. I currently type over 150 words per minute, I also do computer programming. I started piano last year, at Christmas, and during my 3rd month of self taught piano, I was playing year 6 music. I don't view it as WOAHHH, but I always get compliments of "I have a gift" and what not, but I don't really see what they are talking about. I'm also top in math classes, biology would be more worse class.3. I find myself opposing people, a lot of the time my loved ones, for no reason. Like I'll just be somewhat arguable to my mom for no reason. Sometimes, I oppose things when talking to someone, even which I really don't, just for no reason.4. I get obsessed with hobbies fast, and strongly. Nearly all the time, I'd much rather stay home and work on the computer or piano instead of going somewhere even when invited. I find myself spending endless hours being occupied with my interests. I like to focus on one thing at a time, being on the phone and trying to work at the same time is pretty damn frustrating at times.-------------------------------------------------------I'm just wondering, those who are diagnosed, would you say there is a higher or lesser chance of me have Asperger's Disease. I'm wondering before I talk to my parents about it.Tyler - 16 MAlso, I find myself, not voluntary, closing myself from to much physical affection. Like someone hugs, I'll hug them but not much. Someone is close to me, I'll unintentionally back away somehow a little bit.I honestly can't stand fiction books either, I love non-fiction books that appeal to me though.
A: That doesn't sound like Asperger's Syndrome. Maybe you just think socializing is overrated and have really good "future time orientation". You seem like a very productive person and will have great career prospects in the future. You may be hesitant to pursue a good career as you think that maybe your perceived social inadequacy will prevent you from establishing and maintaining a career. I have the same problem. Despite graduating from college with a "marketable degree", I work in a job that doesn't necessarily require a degree of any kind. I work where I work because I feel comfortable around people who aren't very ambitious. Not to say they're not hard workers, but they're not all caught up in the "rat race". Maybe "trying to impress others" isn't really on your priority list. It's funny how in school, the teachers would tell students to "be quiet" and "do your work" but if you actually do those things, then you must have a disease. Also, how come there is a syndrome for people who aren't very social, but there isn't one for people who too caught up in "socializing"? I think you'd have Asperger's if you were into really obscure hobbies, such as the memorization of countries' national anthems or collecting smoke detectors.
Some people told me I was stupid even though I'm not mentally retarded in any way?
Q: Growing up people in middle school called me stupid a lot, more than usually the amount people get called stupid in middle school. I'm not mentally retarded and I don't have any conditions or disease. Granted, not everyone has told me I was stupid. I don't do stupid things or act really dumb at all. I act like a normal sane person. I don't have asperger's or autisim or anything of that sort, but Im a bit shy. I am above average in academics as I'm in college right now and I was an A and B honor roll student. I don't have memory problems , in fact I think my sense of memory is better than most people, including long and short term. I am quiet talented in a lot of things, so I am not a Savant.However I think Im perceived as not as intelligent as others because of my speech patterns? I don't really say stupid things but my speech makes it sound like im saying something stupid. I've been fed up with people telling me I'm stupid even though Im normal. I noticed I tend to stutter on occasion but it's very mild and i do it rarely. I make eye contact but sometimes I tend to speak more softly.I am also normal looking, from a physical stand point, you could tell I'm normal. I don't have any learning or reading problems. However, if I record my self talking it does sound a little awkward, but not much to the point where it sounds mentally retarded. Could I get speech therapy? Im also not that social, not because of choice but because I have moved alot of places. I think I am good looking because lots of girls over the years have had crushes on me and I caught them looking at me for a long time.I think why I ended up like this was I was beaten up by my father to much while I was growing up. He constantly hit me in the head. Maybe I suffered some brain damage, hence my speech isn't as good as today.Could I get some test for my brain to see what exactly what the problem is and if I had suffered any trauma to my brain?In recent years i've suffered from anxiety problems. Before that I had normal levels of anxietyThis is frustrating me a lot. In recent years no one has call me stupid or dumb, but I think they're just trying to be nice.
A: I'm really sorry that people called you names when you were at school. It's obviously affected your self-confidence and has perhaps contributed to the anxiety that you now suffer from. Children can be cruel, and their teasing doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with you.If you yourself feel that there are problems with your speech, and especially if you were struck around the head as a child, you may have suffered a mild brain injury. Try speaking to your doctor about this. Your doctor should be able to arrange appropriate testing. You may also be able to have speech therapy to improve your speaking skills. Don't let these problems hold you back, will you? I wish you well with this- you sound like a nice person.

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