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Do most people die of natural causes

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Surprisingly, it depends on what you consider 'natural?' Number 1 is heart disease 685,089, which could be considered natural. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-most-people-die-of-natural-causes ]
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Do more people die of Natural Causes or Accidents?
Well in my opinion, i think more people die of accidents than naturally but then again, people can die naturally if they rele take care of themselves
Did all these people die of Natural causes?
To the poster who claimed he isnt a terrorist... He murdered his predecessor with his own hands, and personally ordered the deaths of thousands of Kurds, and left the bodies hanging from bridges to warn others of raising his ire. Ask the Ku...
Why do people who die of natural causes, die?
A disease may be the ultimate cause, but often the breakdown of the body's organ systems is to blame. In the case of a disease like pneumonia, the disease (coupled with the fact that the mucous membranes that allow lung tissue to easily e...

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What season of the year do most people die of natural causes?
A: Winter because cold's are common and get passed along very easy,
If most people die of natural causes.....?
Q: then why do we consider to eat natural foods?
A: natural is just a label they put on food to get you to buy it everything that exist is natural
Do you eat a lot of natural food?
Q: I used to till I found out most people die of natural causes !
A: Where have U been 4 the past Week?Natural Causes?There's an explosion here in the UK from Alcohol related deaths-accidents/diseases, heart attacks from Obesity, terrorism everywhere. A failing NHS is killing people.Drug abuse, etc etc People die 4 lots of reasons some 2 do it 2 themselves & some from just plain stupidity, lack of care & it would seem if U go in2 hospital U could leave in a box with a death certificate that says Pneumonia when it wasn't! MRSA, a lil bug is killing more people than their Diet!I eat healthy, because I care about myself & really want 2 keep myself out of a NHS hospital!

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