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Can tattoos affect your body

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Risks of tattoos include: Blood-borne diseases. Skin disorders. Skin infections. Allergic reactions. MRI complications [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-tattoos-affect-your-body ]
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How Weight Fluctuation and Body Changes Can Affect Your Tattoo?
If you lose or gain a significant amount of weight - go on a diet, get pregnant or start body building - these bodily changes can affect your tattoos or your decision to get one. This article explores the different changes, how they may aff...
Would body or ear piercing or tattoos affect psoriasis??
Psoriasis sometimes develops in areas of skin injury, particularly when the disease is flaring, so it may develop in areas with piercings or tattoos. However, this psoriasis will often respond to the use of topical therapy, as long as the a...
Does taking a beta blocker for high blood pressure affect how you...?
Beta blockers are taken to regulate the heart rate as well as keeping you from getting high blood pressure. On bleeding, beta blockers have no known effect.

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how can tattoos affect your skin in years time ??? i mean can anyting go wrong?
Q: after all ink is IN your skin and thats not natural ... can your body reject the ink in years time?????can it move??? can it get some how into your system and poison you or some how affect your life expectancy???? i have a sleeve tattoo and have became paranoid when i look at my arm i think what happens if i ever broke my arm ?? and then the bone forced ink into my vain??? can this happen ?? what are the long term dangers of tattoos ??? can they affect your life expectancy ?? can something go wrong years after ??? i hear your skin goes thinner when your older????
A: One be low
is it true that the tattoo dye goes throughout your body during xrays which affect your kidneys?
Q: I can't find any articles online so i am starting to think my dad lied to me to prevent me from getting one.
A: No, it is not true. The pigments in tattoos stay in your skin—that's why tattoos never disappear on their own. The pigment is largely trapped in the skin and has no way of moving around more than a tiny bit, and it certainly doesn't go traveling around your body, x rays or not.
Can Tattoos Be Affected By Weigh Gain or Muscle Growth?
Q: For example if you get a tattoo around your stomach area and you either put on weight or you get a hard six pack around the area.Will those changes on your body damage the tattoo that has been done?
A: dramatic changes in weight will affect the tattoo. the placement of the tattoo (being straight or centered) all depends on how you are standing and the overall shape of your body when it is placed. so if you do lose or gain alot of weight, or have a growth spurt, it could stretch the tattoo or shift it slightly.

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