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Can people catch parvo

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Although humans can catch a version of the parvo virus (fifth disease), animals can't spread parvo to humans and vice versa. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-people-catch-parvo ]
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Can people catch parvo
Although humans can catch a version of the parvo virus (fifth disease), animals can't spread parvo to humans and vice versa.
What are symptoms of parvo?
The symptoms of Parvo include decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, depression and laying around more than normal. Depression is another symptom of Parvo but it's not easy to ask your pet if it's depressed. Parvo is a very serious ...
What causes parvo?
Parvo, which is short for parvovirus is a viral disease that affects dogs and is caused by infection with CPV. Puppies are more frequently affected by parvo than adult dogs are due to their immature immune systems. Parvo attacks the lining ...

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What illness is dog parvo or distemper and how is it treated?
Q: People say parve is fatal to dogs how can I prevent my dog from catching it. What type of illness is it, what symptoms should I look out for.
A: You've never heard of VIRUSES?Or the marvelous 200 yo invention,VACCINATIONS,that prevent them? What cave have you been hiding in?PREVENT,not "treat!Parvo kills 50% w/treatment. Distemper is almost as bad.VACCINATE
My dog has been diagnosed with Parvo, Vet is treating with antibiotics and pedialite, will he survive?
Q: I have just found out that my new puppy has parvo and my vet is treating him with medication and pedialite. I am supposed to give him gatorade also. How many people have had a dog with parvo and the dog has had a normal long life. My vet stated that once he gets over the hump of this sickness, she can give him his parvo shot and a second parvo shot too boot. She has given him about a 50/50 chance of living and told me that because he is young and it was caught quickly that he should have a good chance. I just need to know what others have had to deal with in this area. My other new pup has not symptoms but now we have to watch him even though he just got his shot.
A: i am a breeder/rescue i have run into parvo more than once,sometimes even if your puppies have had a few puppy shots they can still get it,unfortunately people aren't aware or dont care what their puppy died of they just want another to replace the one that was lost and will bring it to a breeders house on clothing or shoes i hate to be mean but i now will not allow people to pick up or play with the puppies until they have had all their puppy shots,i have even lost a full grown and fully vaccinated dog to this horrible stuff,there are new strains coming out all the time,the good thing is you may have caught it in time,good for you on being aware enough to see the early signs that your puppy was sick,definitely keep a close eye on the other puppy though,because generally the vaccine is a live virus they inject into the dog to help build up it's immunity to the disease,therefore if he already had a slight case of parvo to begin with and he wasn't showing signs this may just make him worse..i hope your babies survive..oh yes i almost forgot i have had many puppies make it through and live long and happy healthy lives,though the first puppy i saved was a Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix and he never grew very big,he weighed 75lbs full grown,i don't know if this was due to the parvo or if he was just a dwarf but his brothers were well over 150lbs full grown
3yr old dog and parvo...?
Q: What are the chances that she could get Parvo and if she does get it, what are the chances that she'll make it through? She is very healthy, has (I believe) 2/3 puppy Parvo shots but has not had any yearly boosters. THE SITUATION:She hasn't come in contact with a dog that has parvo. However, my brother went to visit a friend that may have a dog with parvo. The friend took their dog to the vet and found out it was just chlorine poisoning, but that vet has a bad reputation around here, so I am still very worried that their dog may have parvo.Now my brother will be coming home soon and if that dog -did- have parvo, there is the chance that he can bring parvo home on his clothes. He's going to wash his clothes and shoes when he gets home and shower, so that should help prevent our 3yr old from getting parvo.BUT...If by some horrible chance she does end up getting it, I really need some information regarding adult dogs (chihuahua), that are healthy, with some immunization and their likelihood of surviving or even catching Parvo. And yes, I am going to take her to a vet to get her shots updated tomorrow morning. So please, no "go see a vet" because I already know that and have it planned. I just want some second opinions from people who have experience with this.Thank you!Thank you so much for all your responses you guys. I'm feeling a lot better about this whole parvo scare, I was really freaking out earlier. But pointing out that adult dogs seem to make it through parvo is very comforting.<3
A: You have nothing to worry about. Parvovirus is generally spread from dog to dog through fecal matter, so unless your brother got fecal matter on his clothes there's nothing to worry about. Just make sure your dog doesn't play in the yard with the dog that does have parvo.Also, parvovirus is deadly to puppies but many adult dogs don't show any symptoms of the disease at all even if they catch it. With partial immunity and your dog being three years old I think that there is nothing to worry about. :)

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