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Can ibuprofen hurt you kidneys

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The popular pain reliever ibuprofen can cause kidney failure in people with mild kidney disease, according to a new study. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-ibuprofen-hurt-you-kidneys ]
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Does taking ibuprofen hurt with having just one kidney??
I still have two kidneys, but they are very diseased. I would certainly check with your doctor, to protect your kidney as best as possible. It does make a differance.
Why is it that when I take Ibuprofen or vicodin (pain killers) my...?
Talk to a different doctor: There are other anti-inflammatory medicines and pain-killers out there, and the ones you were on were plainly hurting you. You don't need those quacks! While you're at it, you might want to write a letter of comp...

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Why is it that when I take Ibuprofen or vicodin (pain killers) my kidneys hurt so bad?
Q: I just had a hysterectomy about one week ago and the doctors gave me Ibuprofen and vicodin for pain. My kidneys started hurting so bad I thought I was going to die. I stopped taking Ibuprofen and the pain went away alot but still had the pain. I finally stopped taking vicodin and the pain completely stopped. I told the doctors I didn't want to take Ibuprofen cause my kidneys start to hurt everytime I take it, but they said I need to, cause of swelling after the surgery. Now vicodin is making them hurt also. It feels like I am having kidney stones. If anyone of you guys had kidney stones you know it hurts like hell. But I don't have kidney stones though. So what I am trying to say is is there something wrong with my kidneys? I tell the doctors all the time but they look at me funny. I just want to know if anyone knows anything or has any similar problems. Help! Let me know so I can tell the doctors. I would appreciate it.
A: Talk to a different doctor: There are other anti-inflammatory medicines and pain-killers out there, and the ones you were on were plainly hurting you. You don't need those quacks!While you're at it, you might want to write a letter of complaint to the medical board and the head of the hospital. Make sure you are clear and concise about what happened. And retain a copy of your letter for your own files.Good luck, Honey.
if a kid doctor says i'm not pregnant, is that 100% for sure?
Q: Since I haven't been to the doctor in years, now that I had to go, my mom hadn't transferred me over to an adult doctor so I still went to my old doctor's office, which is just a place that specializes in kids, though they said they treat patients usually up until college. Well, I'm a college freshman. Anyway, he did a few tests because the area around my kidneys was hurting and one test he did was a pregnancy test. He said it came back negative, but he kind of looked hesitant...he didn't say 'you're not pregnant,' just 'so the test came back negative.' But honestly, the people who work there are all so young, like 20s and 30s, that I'm hesitant to trust them. But he is a doctor, so if he says the pregnancy test is negative, does that mean for sure that I'm not pregnant?They couldn't figure out what else was wrong with me. He did tests to rule out kidney stones, appendix problems, etc. and just left me with 'you pulled a muscle and you should take ibuprofen and you most likely just have the stomach flu that's going around' but I've got pregnancy symptoms, even my mom noticed...I have to pee a lot more frequently, probably because I drink a LOT more.. I basically chug anything I drink. This past week, I've been feeling tired all the time. My breasts haven't really been tender a lot but maybe a teensy bit because they feel like they've been growing over the past month and they haven't done that since I was probably 16 or 17, but I just became sexually active a few months ago, so I figured it was just normal womanly body changes going along with this new sexual activity. I don't have morning sickness but I have felt nausea almost every day throughout this past week, mostly at bedtime but throughout the day as well.. my stomach's been hurting too, and I'm eating less, because the nausea makes me not want to eat. I don't have a fever but my body constantly feels hot and my boyfriend has been commenting on how warm my skin feels even when it's winter outside. These things sound like pregnancy symptoms, yet I just had my period last week and the doctor said the test was negative. But should I go to one of those OB/GYN doctors instead?So, can I trust his test 100% or what should I do, get a home pregnancy test? Thanks.
A: I'm sure the pregnancy test the doctor gave you was a good one, but if you are worried, go ahead and take another. They give the same test that you can buy at a store at the doctor's office. Although, the fact that you got your period leads me to believe that you are probably not pregnant (although it is possible to have your period while pregnant, just not very likely). I suggest taking another test, but I bet you probably aren't pregnant. Hope you are feeling better soon!!
ibuprofen overdose? or something...why do i feel sick?
Q: before you ask, i am not a druggie or suicidal. for a really complicated and stupid reason i'm not going to go into, i took 10 ibuprofen pills last night. they were the round, red, cvs brand 200-mg tablets.i take them whenever i feel sick. the bottle says to take 1-2 tablets but as i have a crappy immune system, i've taken these pills so often that 1 or 2 doesn't affect me anymore, so i usually take 3 pills or 4 if i'm feeling really rotten.last night (9-ish) i took 10 of those pills. once again, don't ask why. i wasn't feeling sick at the time; i am not on any other drugs or prescription medications; i have no underlying medical conditions.nothing happened last night, but when i woke up this morning i felt a little off, just kind of tired and achy, with a mild pounding headache and a really sore throat. it didn't really change over the course of the day, until a couple hours ago i started to feel a lot sicker. symptoms now:general malaise (sp?)99.5 feverreally achy and sore musclescompletely exhaustedsore throatheadachefeeling weak and shakyi had mild chills for a little bit and now i feel really hot, but it might just be the weathereyes are kind of watery and i feel a little congestedso i have a few questions:1. whats going on? is my sickness now related to the pills i took yesterday?2. if not, is it safe to take ibuprofen (a regular dose) now to relieve my symptoms? i feel pretty awful3. can this hurt me in the long run? is it bad in the long term to take so much ibuprofen? it's not gonna damage my liver/kidneys or anything, right? should i stop taking ibuprofen in general?thanks for the help!
A: Ibuprofen is a powerfull drug. Ten is way too many. You might need your stomach pumped out. You could seriously damage everything in your body. Major things could stop working and you could seriously get injured or paralyzed. I suggest do not take Ibuprofen again for your symptoms. You should go consult a doctor and tell him what you did. Overdosing on these pills could be why you are feeling sick. You could have been damaged internally.

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