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Can eczema be deadly

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Eczema is a disease in a form of dermatitis,or inflammation of the epidermis. In rare cases someone vaccinated against smallpox can develop eczema vaccinatum, which can cause organ failure. Ordinary eczema is not deadly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-eczema-be-deadly ]
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Can eczema be deadly
Eczema is a disease in a form of dermatitis,or inflammation of the epidermis. In rare cases someone vaccinated against smallpox can develop eczema vaccinatum, which can cause organ failure. Ordinary eczema is not deadly.

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Can eczema be deadly?
Q: Can it kill you?
A: If you dont treat it, yes u could stratch yourself to death.
If something as deadly as cancer can be cured, then why can't eczema?
Q: I have eczema and there are only ways of helping the symptoms, never actual cures. Don't recommend a million and one different creams- I've had eczema all my life and tried over 20 different treatments. I just wondered who is trying to find a cure and why it's so hard!
A: Cancer can't be cured (yet), it's only killed off in the hope it doesn't come back.Eczema is a tricky thing... Most people are born with it - so it's hard to tell what caused it, whether it's an unwanted gene or whether it's a mutation.The problem is in the skin - hence why most treatments are in cream form. There's little else that can be done about it, except replacing the skin via a skin graft - however that's quite an extreme option, as such procedures can leave bad scars and if the affected area is too large, the condition could creep back...Doctors are trying to find new treatments for it - though it's probably going to be another cream. However, it's very difficult to find a treatment that works properly - they might find a formula that relieves eczema almost completely, though it might have other effects, like scarring or discolouration (or something.. :/ )It's a tricky thing, though there are people working on it.Not sure if there's any sort of laser treatment for it, I don't know.A friend of mine has psoriasis - he needs to go to hospital once a month to be smothered in tar. Nice.
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Q: It doesn't matter how high of a temperature you cook it at, some bad stuff still remains. This has been recently proven by scientists and I learned of this while shopping for groceries at Pick N Save. This sign was over the meat department stating that it's recently been found that no matter how high the temperatures are, some unhealthy bacteria that can cause illness still remains. What do you think of this fact?"Scavengers, such as the swine, are the filthiest and most abominable creatures. In their very nature they are poisonous, diseased and deadly. The flesh of the swine is said by many authorities to be the prime cause of much of our American ill health, causing blood disease, weakness of the stomach, liver troubles, eczema, consumption, tumors, cancer, trichinosis, etc....The swine’s anatomy has but one poorly constructed stomach arrangement and very limited excretory organs generally.Consequently, in about four hours after the pig has eaten his polluted swill and other putrid, offensive matter, man may eat the same, second hand-off the ribs of the pig. Great Facts on Pork (Islamic)Health Articles (Christian)http://samragirl.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!FCFF22C1D80E6BC!3884.entry
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