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Can dogs digest pork

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Pork is harmless to dogs as any other meat. There is a risk of infection with trichinosis, a disease caused by roundworm. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-dogs-digest-pork ]
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Can dogs digest pork
Pork is harmless to dogs as any other meat. There is a risk of infection with trichinosis, a disease caused by roundworm.
Is it true that a dog should not eat pork because they cannot dig...?
Their are two different digestive systems in mammals, monogastric and polygastric. Monogastric is an animal with only one digestive system like humans and dogs. In this system, animals cannot digest anything that is undigestable like grass....

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Can dogs digest pork rib bones? How long does it take for a bone to move through their digestive track?
Q: Please don't answer to tell me that they're bad for dogs. I know they're bad for dogs. My food-crazed 8 year old labrador gave into temptation last night and stole a pork rib bone off of a plate. It was about 5" long and rather thin. Because he wasn't suppose to have it, he didn't bother risking the time to chew it and he just swallowed the thing whole. What can I say, he's goofy.I have to say, he looks fine. We only gave him half his dinner last night thinking that he was going to vomit up the bone in the night but he didn't. He may have a sore stomach, though. He seems a little protective of it this morning. He's still doing his typical morning practice of following me around waiting for his breakfast, so I know his appetite is ok.So, my question is... is this something he can digest? He's going to have on helluva time passing it if he can't (although it wouldn't be the worst thing I found out in the yard). Also, does anyone know how long it takes for something to move through a dog's digestive track?
A: No, he can't digest it. He will have to pass it. If he doesn't do so within a day, or if he starts acting more painful or develops a fever (greater than 102.2 degrees F), get him to the vet's right away for x-rays and possible surgery. Good luck!
Is it OK to feed raw pork &/or raw chicken to cats &/or dogs?
Q: Wild animals eat raw meat that they kill, but that is usually very fresh. Can domesticated animals digest raw pork or chicken that has been frozen & then thawed without getting parasites? I think raw beef is OK for them. What about raw fish - frozen or fresh? If there are no bones in any of the fish or chicken does that make it safe for cats or dogs? What about raw pork or beef bones?
A: Raw bones are good for dogs, so is raw meats of most kinds. The meat is actually better for the dogs with the bones still in it. Most kinds of fish should be fine too. Cooked bones can be bad, raw bones are part of a healthy canine diet.Do a search for BARF diet (bones and raw foods) It is better for dogs than anything you can buy prepackaged and preprocessed. Chicken necks and turkey necks are great.A raw diet is perfectly healthy for a dog, dogs are not people, their digestive system doesn't work the same. Many studies have shown dogs fed a raw diet live longer and are MUCH healtheir than those eating commercial dog foods. In fact, raw diets have also been shown to fight cancer. A dramatic readuction in carbs can stop a canine cancer in it's track and cause permanent remission until commercial foods are started again or large amounts of carbs are added to the diet.
Is pork bad for dogs?
Q: I went to see some local shelter dogs and I made prok and rice for them. I was wondering if it's good for them. Many of them are emmaciated and can't digest the dry biscuits given out because of shelter stress. They seemed to like it.Thanks everyone. I asked this question because I realized it wasn't used in commercial foods. Thankfully none of the dogs got sick and one really sick dog that was throwing up actually kept the pork and rice down. No more pork for doggies.
A: well they make pig ears...however, i would stay away from feeding pork. it is very fatty and can cause pancreatitis. try using chicken or turkey instead.

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