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Can an ovary swell before your period

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When doctors feel a swell on an ovary, it may be an early sign of Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Ovaries generally don't swell. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-an-ovary-swell-before-your-period ]
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What does ovary pain or a swollen ovary during your period mean??
It is probably just a period symptom, but if it gets very painful, you need to go and speak to a doctor or go to hospital because it could be a cyst or ectopic pregnancy, if there is a chance you could be pregnant

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Can you get pregnant - a few days right after your period?
Q: Can you get pregnant - a few days right after your period?Hi. I'm 22, married. My hubby and I are TTC. I had my last period from Nov. 30 - Dec. 4. We had sex from Dec. 4, 5, 6 and 7. I am expecting my period this Dec. 25, 26, 27, or maybe on 28 because my periods are irregular (but never missed a month). For the past 3 days I've been having cramps on my hips, lower back and abdomen. I rarely felt some twinges on my left abdomen and usually felt them on my right abdomen (my right ovary is larger than the the left). Two weeks ago I had some thin white creamy milky discharge which dries on my panties. It is odorless and not itchy, sticky when wet, then until now I am having this milky discharge. And I am sure that I don't have this kind of discharge before because it's very white and turned chalky when it dries on my undies. I have swollen tender breasts and feel like they are so full for 3 days too and I am confused if this means that I'm having my period soon or not. I never had crampings this long during my PMS. I always go to the bathroom expecting a big mess but there's no period. I took a pregnancy test last week, took today twice in the morning and evening and they're all negative.Here are my symptoms:Easily irritatedcramping for 3 days all day longburpingburping some acidbelchingbloatedalways tired feelingfeeling like i want to POO but nota few headaches sometimes.What could this be? I hope I am pregnant.please give me some answers and advices or any opinions. Thanks!PSI've been belching and burping since last week, always bloated since last week but not everyday.
A: Yes, absolutely you can get pregnant a few days after your period...for SOME women, it is actually the most fertile time for them. For others, it's later in this "phase 2", the fertile time. It's a little early yet, and I know you are excited, but wait a few more days before you ask your OB/GYN for a blood test to confirm your HCG level (pregnancy hormone). They will give you the test and then test you again 48-72 hrs later to see if the number doubled or tripled--if so, then you are actually pregnant. But right now it is too early to tell even with your symptoms. It could be something you ate (we are all eating a lot for the holidays, lol :) or just PMS, sometimes when we are TTC our bodies get a little stressed and it manifests in funkier period meaning its a little late. Either way, good luck!
Mixture of Stomach/Ovary Problems?
Q: I just got off of my period about a week ago and ever since then I have been extremely bloated, gassy, and have had uncomfortable feelings in my stomach/ovary area. I also noticed that on my left side (I can't tell if it's my stomach or ovaries) it seems swollen and sticks out more than usual. It also feels like, when I have to pee, there is no stage from just barely having to pee to really having to pee. It just automatically feels like I've been holding my pee for so long my bladder hurts. This isn't every time though. I highly doubt I would be pregnant since I just got off my period and only had sex the day before yesterday then before that was a little less than a month ago and like I said I just got off of my period. I'm not sure if this is something to worry about or if these are symptoms of something wrong with my ovaries or stomach, but I would like your answers! Haha Also, I just got sick yesterday (weak, achy, fever maybe) so I'm not sure if that triggered something or had been triggered by something. It's just weird and uncomfortable feeling! Help!Also I have been getting back pains int the middle of my back.And I'm only 19...almost 20
A: go to a doctor pls.
Lower organs pushing through my skin?
Q: It almost looks as if my lower organs are pushing their way out of my skin. As scary and gross as it sounds. I have been "bloated" for months now, and have had very irregular periods. I don't think I am pregnant though, because I have had my period since. I'm not sure what could be causing this. It really looks like I'm pregnant because the bloating is just in my abdominal region. On the sides of my abdomian I can feel my some of my organs. I have felt what I believe was my ovaries before but this is different. Im wondering, when you get pregnant, in the first few months of pregnancy is it likely to be able to feel your organs? Such as, the womb pushing aside the organs somewhat. Or if not, what else this could be? A disease where maybe your organs swell up or something to that matter. Any help or direction in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks!I've already made an appointment with my doctor but the earliest available was mid october. I have also not taken a pregancy test. Im have weird pains from time to time now, where it feels like something is trying to almost push its way out of my organs. I just hope I can describe this to the doctor, and that this isnt too serious, because its been going on for almost 3 months now.
A: Go to your doctor, NOW.It might be not only pregnancy, but colon or ovary cancer as well.And no, unless you have extremely weakened muscles in your abs (like people with hernias, for example) you should not feel any organ poking out.Now go make an appointment.

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