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Can a persons blood be toxic

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Toxic Blood Syndrome can cause blood to be thick, become sticky and also clot. It can lead to heart disease as well. ChaCha on!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-persons-blood-be-toxic ]
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Is human saliva toxic to other humans if one person bites another...?
No, unless that person is a carrier for an STD, virus, or bacterial infection, and the saliva infects the person they bite. But this question IS creepy. Especially with your picture. Why don't you stop bein a f*gbag and start eating alot an...

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How much blood can a person drink before it becomes toxic for themselves?
Q: Is it possible to have a diet of blood? Like drinking it on a regular basis?haha yeah, none of that vampire stuff, im talking about seriously. I mean there are people out there who believe in that kind of stuff. They believe they descend from a vampire gene pool and drink blood and that whole thing.
A: Only if you are a vampire can you drink blood.Honestly, it sounds disgusting and I have never heard of it. I looked it up and could find nothing about it. Why would someone want to drink it. It works well in the body transporting oxygen to and from places as well as nutrients. What purpose would it serve to drink it? We as humans need the daily food groups and blood was not on the list.
can there be toxic shock syndrome even if "repeated" blood culture tests are negative?
Q: what are the chances for a person to have toxic shock syndrome even if repeated blood culture tests are negative?
A: Sure can. Toxic shock results from a toxin released by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria. The toxin can still be in the blood stream and causing shock even if the bacteria are not there during that one point in time when you are sampling for blood cultures. Septic shock and toxic shock are pretty close, with the difference being skin involvement in toxic shock syndrome. It's possible that someone is experiencing septic shock (again, possible even with negative blood cultures), rather than toxic shock.
How many years of exposure can it take for a pesticide to increase a person's risk for chronic toxicity?
Q: I heard that pesticides can be toxic to humans and even increase risk of cancer from long term exposure. How many years of exposure though would it take for the pesticide to increase risk of cancer??? and would this even include low toxicity pesticides (such as Raid)...Im just really worried cause I used Raid a few times and I actually got a little on my skin and face once, ( but i washed it off and didnt get sick) and also used it a few times to kill mosquitoes in my house and I could smell it sometimes although i would stay away from where I spray.. I also heard children would be more vulnerable to pesticides....I'm 19 so i dont know if i apply or not lol....anyways just wanted to get this off my chest...Been to the doctor and everything with a physical everything okay, blood tests are fine...but just checking...thanks!
A: If all you got was a little raid on you as well as spraying around the house a couple of times, well I think at 19 you've only got roughly 66 more years to live. Kidding aside, your fine, quit worrying and get on with life, there are a lot more lethal things out there then a little raid, you could run into my mother-in-law.

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