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Are nicotine patches safe

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Nicotine patches are safe for most who are trying to stop smoking, unless you are pregnant, have heart disease or are under 18. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-nicotine-patches-safe ]
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Are nicotine patches safe?
Nicotine patches are safe for most people who are trying to stop smoking. However, care should be taken if you: ・ are pregnant or are breastfeeding . Nicotine can affect the blood supply to the developing fetus and ... ・ have heart disease ...
How safe are nicotine patches?
Do not use the nicotine patches. Using nicotine products can certainly help to reduce the craving and severe withdrawal symptoms you feel when you try and stop smoking. However this is only because your body is getting the nicotine in a dif...
Is it safe to use nicotine patches indefinatly?
People here are both rude and wrong. Nicotine doesn't cause cancer! Yes, it is safe to use the patches indefinitely.

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Are Nicotine patches safe if you don't smoke?
Q: My dad's trying to quit smoking, and so is using Nicotine patches. He's said before that he has really vivid dreams. I've been writing down my dreams for 4 years and so I want to try one so I can see what the dreams are like. I'm almost 17 and have never smoked, so is it safe for me to wear the patch?I thought I'd add that I just want to try it once, and that my dad is willing to let me use one.
A: You'd probably get pretty sick off of it. I remember the first cigarette I smoked gave me a pretty good buzz and made me kind of sick to my stomach. If your body isn't used to the nicotine, you might have a similar reaction. I don't think it's super harmful to your health, but it might be unpleasant. I wouldn't do it just for the dreams. If you want something more mild for some crazy dreams, try Zyrtec (Rx only, so maybe an OTC drug would do the same). I've been on it for a month now, and I've been having the craziest dreams.
are nicotine patches safe to use during pregnancy?
Q: thanks yea i did to! but my neice is struggling so wondered if she could try them? they helped me quit once before,not when was pregnant,but thought they were good?
A: no you can not have nictotine patches while pregnant it says so on the box
Are nicotine patches safe?
Q: I just started Nicoderm CQ Step 1 21mg/24 hour period. I am 17 years old and was smoking around 10 cigarettes per day occasionally for about 6 months. I was just wondering if it is safe to be using them or if it's the same thing as like a cigarette in the sense of harmful, I am really commited to quitting.
A: No, they're safe, you can't get cancer from a patch on your arm, but the dose you're using is too high for an occasional smoker and could make your addiction worse rather than better! You'd be better off using the gum or lozenges, since you can find a dose that's closer to what you've been getting from the cigs you smoke.

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