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Will my boyfriend come visit me this month

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If he is your boyfriend and in a healthy relationship with you, I expect he would! [Eat fruit before every meal for weight loss.] [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-my-boyfriend-come-visit-me-this-month ]
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Will my boyfriend come visit me this month
If he is your boyfriend and in a healthy relationship with you, I expect he would! [Eat fruit before every meal for weight loss.]

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Should I help pay for my boyfriend's plane ticket so that he can come visit me?
Q: I'm currently in a long distance (gay) relationship and my boyfriend wants to come visit me this summer. I live in Ontario, Canada and he lives in England. Should I help pay for his plane ticket? If so, all of it or half? I wouldn't mind paying for his plane ticket, but I don't have a job at the moment, so would that be weird? My boyfriend has a full time job but it's in retail so it's not a great one. He told me that he doesn't have enough money but that he will try to see if he does when he gets paid next month. He told me recently that he wants to come in the middle of September but I will be returning to England at the beginning of October. Do you think it's worth it for him to fly out to see me 2 weeks before I get to see him again? We've been away from each other since mid-June and I miss him a lot. If I end up finding a job, would it be okay to help pay for his ticket or should he finance it himself? It feels a bit selfish of me to get him to pay for all of it.
A: I'd say be patient and wait to see him again in England. That way, nobody has to foot the extra expense of another plane ticket, since neither one of you sound as though you can afford it right now.
How do you tell your mother-in-law to not bring her boyfriend when she comes to visit?
Q: Now this is where I explain.My mother-in-law is a extremely spinny person. Like think of the most spinny person you know and times that by ten, that's her. Me and my husband both don't want her bringing her boyfriend (third one in a year) when she comes to visit, because first and foremost she starts calling HIM grandpa to our 13 month old daughter. We both think this will be confusing to her. Each time she has come with a new guy, they take pictures (sitting with her as the proud grandparents) It's really quite sickening to watch.Bring gifts for her signed grandma and grandpa. Plus we feel that it's a bad lesson for her .....all these men.She probably doesn't understand much at this point, but this has been a continuing cycle with my mother-in-law. She married the first (not real grandpa) and divorced him 6months later. How can we voice this to her that these men don't belong here, at least not YET???
A: I see your point and I agree that her behaviour is inappropriate.Nevertheless, not much you can do about it .. I mean regarding the choice of her men. It´s her life. If she wants to lead (or maybe you agree more with "spoil") her life with a permanent change of men in her life, that´s the way it is.My suggestion is that you openly talk to her together with your husband that you ask her to abstain from writing notes such as "From grandma and grandpa". Explain to her how you feel about it. Tell her that you don´t regard her life your business but you don´t want this for your daughter as none of these men is her grandpa. Hope that gives you some kind of impulse to change the situation.
My boyfriend wants to visit but I have no money!?
Q: My long distance boyfriend asked me (yesterday) if he could come visit on Sunday and I said yes...hoping that it wouldn't really happen, but I think it is and I have many problems with it: I don't have any $ right now and I would like to look nice since he hasn't seen me in a month. I need $ to get my hair relaxed again, it looks like a hot mess! I don't have money to get a new outfit or my nails done(which I would like to do). Worst of all, I don't have gas money to meet him half way, and although he's willing to come all the way to my house...I don't want him to because I am embarrassed of my house. Its small..just 2 bedrooms and short hallway and a kitchen and living area. Its old style in many ways and needs some deep cleansing and the garage paint is pealing on the bottom So I would prefer to meet him, but I don't have cash! He's really looking forward to it but I kind of want to call it off, I'd like to look GREAT when he sees me again, this isn't how I wanted it -HELP!
A: you can ask one of your friends if you can borrow an outfit and ask them to do ur hair...

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