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Why does my poop stink

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Your poop smells because it's composed of dead bacteria which produces smelly, sulfur-rich organic compounds and inorganic gases. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-poop-stink ]
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Why does poop stink?
Level of Feces 3 thumbs up The Level of Feces refers to the rating of human feces, similar to a category of a hurricane. It is also known as "Level of Poop," "The Stair of ****," and "Crap Rating." It is usua...
Dating a wo/man with STINKY POOP BREATH -- what would you do??
When I was single and very, very young, I once dated a guy who had the worst breath. He was really a swell guy but his breath was just awful so after agonizing about it, I broke up with him. Years later I still liked him a lot so I gave it ...
Does girls poop stink?
・ Most of the time,yes. ・ Of course it does, girls are regular people too.

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Why does my poop and farts always stink?
Q: Why does my poop stink, no matter what I eat it all smells the same? Whether its fast food, sit down healthy food, or just plain old sugary junk it always stinks? Is there a way to make my poop smell good? Would it be ok if I ate it just once, just to try it out?
A: poop smells becuz of bacteria in your gut that produce noxious gasses.there is really nothing that you can eat that will make your poop smell good, but if it smells really horrendous, you might have some internal bleeding in your colon. you should see a doctor if you have persistent gut pain with your bad smelling poop.as for your last question, you should not eat your poop out of curiosity, you can get violently ill and may even need to be hospitalized.i wish you peace and light.
why does poop stink?
Q: i mean come on it comes out of us and well i dont stink soo why does my poop stink?
A: Some people believe that it's actually parasites that cause our poop to smell bad. That is why poop from breast fed babies doesn't smell bad; they don't have any parasites yet.
Why does my cats poop stink?
Q: My cat has very stinky poop and he passes gas a lot to, and that stinks as well. Is there a kind of food I can feed to prevent this problem? PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!!!!!!!
A: you should have mentioned what kind of food you currently feed and what country you live in - read the ingredient lable you NEVER want to see CORN, or "by-products" as first ingredients.. infact you dont want to see them even in the top 3 spots...corn is cheap filler - not very digestableby-products are beaks feet feathersALL cat food sold in grocery store or wal Mart is crap- junk - too much filler so the cat has to eat much more food than if it was on a better quality food... eating more and eating more filler makes gas...look for the ingredient YUCCA... which is for odor controlgo to a pet food store and get one with CHICKEN MEAL, LAMB MEAL, or TURKEY MEAL as first ingredient.. rice should be instead of corn as second...and avoid the fillers corn and by-prodcuts

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