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Why does coffee give me gas

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Coffee is a common cause for intestinal gas. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-coffee-give-me-gas ]
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Does coffee give you gas?
Everything causes gas, though most foods go unnoticed. When you drink coffee, it splits up. Most of it enters the stomach, but stuff like caffeine and additives enter the bloodstream to be filtered out by the kidneys. If you eat food with i...
What would cause coffee to give me gas?
i have the exact same reaction to coffee at times. Brand: first of all, the type of coffee you are drinking may by the culprit--more acidic coffees are worse (i'll go into that in a moment). so, you may want to try getting a different brand...

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Does coffee give you gas?
Q: Everytime I drink cold coffee it gives me gas. I drink it black. Iced coffee, no cream and 2 splendas. Why does it always give me gas?
A: Haha. I have no idea! But thanks for the laugh.
Does coffee give u gas or the bubble guts?
A: no it just turns me into Pedro Peesa Lot
Why are people only griping about the price of a gallon of gas and not Starbucks Coffee?
Q: Printer ink is $8000 per gallonStarbucks Coffee $64 per gallonBottled Water $16 per gallonGas $3.89 per gallonOh my Goodness, Evian, HP, and Starbucks are making windfall profits! They are ripping of the little working man. The sky is falling and we are all going to live on the streets. The end must be very near. We need Obama to put extra taxes on the evil ink and Coffee companies to help out the little man, right?
A: Oh, so the peasants are rioting over gas? Let them eat Starbucks?I'm not sure you've though your position through. It sounds like the thought process of someone who doesn't have to make decisions about needs and wants and budgets.

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