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Which type of vitamins can be stored in the body

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Ninety-nine percent of the calcium in the human body is stored in the bones and teeth. Fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, K, and E are stored in the liver and fatty tissues when you consume more than you need at the moment. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-type-of-vitamins-can-be-stored-in-the-body ]
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How do you determine what vitamins are needed for a given body ty...?
The parameters for most vitamins and minerals are broad but there are some important factors that remain consistent with all of us. Research also shares with us the major concerns of the population in North America and the deficiencies that...
Does anybody know what type of stomach problems would result in m...?
Vitamins and nutrients are not absorbed in the stomach, they are absorbed in the intestines. There are a number of different conditions which can affect the absorption of vitamins and nutrients such as - INFECTIVE AGENTS - Whipple's disease...
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nuts, pulses, meat and eggs are all proteins fresh fruit however is a combination of vitamins and minerals

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Which type of vitamins cannot be stored in the body to a great extent and need to be consumed daily?
Q: HELP!! i can't find the answer to this homework question.
A: water soluable---like vits B and C.
Body builders, what is the best weight gaining supplement when i already have a perfect died and exercise dail
Q: y. I was at the vitamin store yesterday i must have seen at least 15 types of high calorie, high carbohydrate, high protein supplements.
A: Hey, I dont know about others but I really like Cellmass by BSN, its a creatine. Also take a vitamin with your BCAA's. Best of luck!
Do you REALLY need a Whole Body Cleanse?
Q: Doesn't your body cleanse itself of environmental toxins (pesticides, food additives, excess minerals and vitamins) itself? Is a store-bought cleanse---colon, kidney, liver, lungs, vascular, bowel, etc. cleanse----really necessary? Advocates of these type(s) of cleanses claim that excess toxins in the body cause weight gain, skin problems such as acne, depression, memory loss, and all sorts of other ailments. Can someone with knowledge and experience (only people with true insight please--no uninformed responders) please help me find an answer to this?
A: This is a very insightful question. You are correct in your assumption that the body cleans itself. But there are limitations as to how much the body can do. Each of us has a certain amount of heavy metals, and organic pesticide residues in our bones and soft tissues that will never go away no matter what. These can actually be measured by taking tissue samples and analyzing them in a lab. The true organs that work to remove metabolic wastes and drug metabolites are the liver first and the kidneys. The liver makes many substances water soluble for excretion in the urine. Other substances are removed in the feces. If you take these so called dedetoxifying products that contain herbs, then it is up to your liver and kidneys to remove the residues of these. So in essence you are actually toxifying not detoxifying your body. The only time that toxic substances can affect memory is during an acute poisoning event, like acute lead poisoning from sanding leaded paint, or something like that. All these colon cleansing products are based on one idea, soluble fiber. Taking fiber is a good idea for bowel health, Metamucil is fine and cheap. I could go on about this but my fingers are getting tired. Save your money, take soluble fiber from foods and Metamucil and stay away from leaded paints.

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