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When you take a laxative how much weight can you lose

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The amount of weight lost when taking a laxative depends on your body weight. The weight loss is mainly water weight. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-take-a-laxative-how-much-weight-can-you-lose ]
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How much weight can you lose if you take a laxative for one day??
None. To be honest laxatives don't work when trying to lose weight. It flushes out your system which means you may lose a pound or 2, but it won't last more than a day or so. It would just be a temporary weight loss and not worth sitting on...
How much weight would i lose if i took a laxative for two days an...?
youd only lose water weight. it wont benifit you in any way. it wont make u less fat
How much weight can you lose a week taking laxatives??
You could lose all your weight, as an excess of laxitives can kill. Not a smart way to drop pounds

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Why lose weight when taking laxative?
Q: Do we really lose any weight taking laxative? What happens to the calories?
A: When you take laxatives you'e really only losing water and excrement (poop).The calories from the excess food we consume will continue to add fat to our bodies. In other words, you don't really lose weight.
Is It Possible To Use Fiber As A Laxative & Lose Weight By Takeing Allot Of Fiber?
Q: Will some one lose weight by overdosing on fiber and using it like a laxative? Can this behavior become a problem (Abusing Fiber)
A: I don't think you could eat enough fiber for it to become lax like and help you lose weight, But even laxes aren't getting rid of fat, they are just getting rid of waste. It won't really help you shrink pants sizes. And if it were to act as a lax your weight would plateu once you got rid of all the waste in your colon/intestine from the fiber. All a lot of fiber would give you is a cleaner colon.
if you take a laxative to lose weight can you get sick or cause problems for yourself?
Q: and how many is pushing it im 123 if that helps i still have baby fat and look fat even though i dont think i really am
A: DONT take laxatives to try and lose weight. It's a complete myth. What you are losing is water which will make you lose weight in the beginning but then will make you dehydrated and very sick. You'll look sickly- not attractive, you'll feel faint, you'll be sick and you'll need medical attention if you dont rehydrate yourself properly. Taking laxatives when they are not needed is extremely bad for the bowel. You will make it weaker, slower and less affective and are more likely to get constipation and all the problems with that (pain, bloating, bleeding from the anus etc). As a long term health risk, a sluggish bowel is more likely to develop bowel cancer in later life. Seriously. There are much much better ways to lose weight. Eat healthily and take up a sport you enjoy.

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