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When losing weight, what can you do to prevent saggy skin

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Slow, regular weight loss may be the key to preventing saggy skin, but it's not always guaranteed. Good luck! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-losing-weight%2C-what-can-you-do-to-prevent-saggy-skin ]
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How can i prevent saggy skin after losing weight??
Drink a pint of skim milk a day. There is something in it that encourages elasticity in the skin.
How can i prevent loose, saggy skin from losing weight??
Lose weight slowly. If you're pretty young (under 30) then you don't really have to worry about it unless you lose A LOT of weight very quickly. you can also use moisturizers on your skin to help it keep it's elasticity.
When losing weight what is the best prevention of saggy skin??
best way would be surgery but if you want to stay away from that just eat fiver and exercise daily at least 30 Minutes remember that you skin is like a rubber band it was stretched long time now it will need to return to its normal place so...

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I'm almost 24, 5'4, 290lbs. How to/how long to get down to 125? How to prevent icky saggy skin in the end?
Q: I'm 23 almost 24I'm 5'4I'm 290lbs (yes that's huge, no snippiness please)Aside from the obvious diet and excercise, what are some ways to lose the weight (NO SPAM and NO I will NOT consider surgery)? I know they say it's best to lose about 2lbs a week, but they also say it'll come off fast at first and then something about plateaus are normal...so considering that, how long should it take to get down to my goal weight range (I want to be somewhere between 113 & 139, so about 125)? This is a healthy goal, right? Also, my pregnancy a few years ago gave me bear track stretch marks. I've seen the horror stories of the formerly fat needing separate surgery to remove skin (gross)...and even then they still don't look "normal". But most people say the younger you are and the more gradual the weight loss, the tighter skin will be when the weight is lost.So what's the likelihood (scale of 1-10) when all is said and done that I'd have icky loose skin? (Aside from "Shouldn't have gotten fat in the first place"), how (without pills) can I prevent this from occuring?
A: 125 is a very healthy goal. Thing is, if you work out with weights, that will make your skin tight when you lose the fat. Drink plenty of water and sleep enough hours to help you as well.In order to get down to 125, you'll need to be dedicated and determined. Without these two you wont get anywhere. You'll need to do cardio mostly, try swimming, treadmill, stairs, bike, or the Elliptical.Try even brisk walks. Do this 3-4 times a week. If you can combine strength training as well, this helps speed up your metabolism.Now Diet, Eat your carbs in the morning and eat your protein during the night. In other words yes youre allowed to mix, but try to eat as little carbs as possible during the night.Also dont eat any processed food or any fried food.Only try fish oil and no other oil. Stay away from soft drinks along from restaurants
How do I lose weight and the saggy skin as well?
Q: Hello. I'm a 23 yr. old, female. I weigh about 300 lbs standing at 5'5''. I recently just told myself that I really want to lose this weight before it is too late: before I get diabetes, high blood pressure, can't lose it later...etc. I want to make myself healthy for the long run. I know it is wise to diet and exercise. That is what I plan on doing. What I would like to know is an effective way of doing so, as far as exercising goes. I mean, what exactly do I need to do to lose the weight and tighten my skin as I lose the weight? I heard that when you lose weight, some people experience sagging skin. Are there any effective exercises that I can do to help prevent and tighten sagging skin along the way...for example...core exercises...etc. Any ideas? Are there other things I can do besides eating and exercising? ex. multivitamins or minerals? Thanks!
A: There is nothing you can do to stop the saggy skin, unless the muscle takes up place of the fat. At being 300 lbs, I severley doubt youll gain that much muscle to occupy the space otherwise taken up by fat. Sorry to break it to ya.Realizing and finally taking inititive to do something about your weight is a great thing, apity it's taken so long. Be sure to have hard workouts, sweating is good. If it's a slow pace, you wont get much results. A lazy workout is almost as good as no workout. Go hardcore!Diet, remember, is especially important. No sweets, no grease, no fast food, no processed food, no chips no soda no no no! (If you already no this, sorry.. it surprises me how many don't)All natural, all non processed foods. Especially veggies and fruit, Especially! If you really need meat, try to go for fish, such as tuna or salmon. These are still great for you.Not to mention portions. No huge portions, pretty self explanitoy. If you eat alot of anything, you can still keep the weight on.Goodluck. I kudos to you for taking inititive.
How can i lose 20-30lbs without getting saggy excess skin?
Q: I have a big family (literally, we are all largie margies)And whenever someone loses a big amount of weight, they end up having to save up alot of money for a tummy tuck and thigh lift etc, so, im worried about what i will look like when i do lose this 20-30lbs :SWhat do you guys think, and what can i do to prevent the excess skin issie? thanksss x
A: You just need to lose it slowly - 0.5-1 lb per week is ideal - so that your skin has plenty of time to adjust to your new shape.I highly recommend a website called sparkpeople.com for losing weight in a controlled, healthy way. It's totally free so you've got nothing to lose! I think you'll like it.You can also try bio-oil or some other healing skin cream and massage, to stimulate fresh skin growth.

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