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What vitamin does the sun give you

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The sun provides us with Vitamin D. Anything else? Thanks for using ChaCha~~ [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamin-does-the-sun-give-you ]
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What vitamin does the sun give out?
The sun gives out vitamin D, necessary for healthy bones.
Does the Sun Give off Vitamins?
Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin when the body is exposed to ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays found in sunlight. Vitamin D is essential to the body, as it maintains normal blood levels of calcium and...
Does the sun give you vitamin c?
no, it gives you D The Sun helps you absorb the vitamin, but it doesn't actually give you the vitamin

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Does a tanning bed give you the same vitamin D as the sun?
Q: i sometimes will tan in a tanning bed during the winter due to the of lack of sun exposure and was wondering if there was any benefit from it.i know it's bad for your skin if you over do it, but if i went maybe once a week for five minutes would that actually work with me and not against me in terms of vitamin D?
A: The answer to that is yes and no. I have read that they turn down or filter the UVB on some tanning beds so it may need to be re-adjusted to make more vitamin D in your body. We make vitamin D when exposed to UVB rays from the sun. Tanning beds have other long-term risks-- skin cancer, skin damage, and eye damage. You can get vitamin D from spending a short time out in the sun during times of the year when you get enough direct sunlight for your latitude. Dietary vitamin D isn't available in too many foods unless it's in fortified food. Many doctors recommend taking a daily vitamin D supplement when you're not getting daily sun.The answer to your specific question can be found in a book by a renowned vitamin D expert, Dr. Michael Holick, who also says in clips online that you can get vitamin D from tanning beds with UVB. His book is "The UV Advantage" http://www.uvadvantage.org/ He did recommend online to use caution when using tanning beds to make sure you don't burn, protect your face, and use it 50% of the time recommended by the manufacturer, because there are significant risks of skin damage. Here is Dr. Holick answering your question. Notice he says a tanning bed that has a UVB component to it http://www.empowher.com/media/video/video-dr-holick-indoor-tanning-are-there-health-benefits When you look to government information on vitamin D, Dr. Holick is a source for their information http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/vitamind.asp Look down the bottom in the references-- "Holick, MF"Enter his name into Google and browse through some of the articles and information. Here's one great video clip of one of his presentations on vitamin D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq1t9WqOD-0I would not feel comfortable using a tanning bed for this purpose because I have skin cancer in my family (I also live in the south where I can get enough sun year-round anyway). But I do believe that a little sunshine is the best source of vitamin D for your body. Since you're already using a tanning bed, maybe that will answer your question. It must be a lamp that emits UVB radiation. Check with your manufacturer.
Do tanning beds give you vitamin C like the sun does?
Q: Scratch the vitamin C! I can't type today! Vitamin D!
A: First of all, the sun helps your body generate vitamin D, not vitamin C. If you want more vitamin C, you need to eat citrus fruits. And no, the tanning beds do not give you the same benefits as sunlight does.
Does your skin still absorb vitamin D from the sun if you are wearing sunscreen?
Q: I have pale skin and I like it that way, but want to start going in the sun for health purposes. If i wear sunscreen to keep my skin white will I still get the sun vitamins?
A: this important question but simply u would get little and acc to the degree of SPF of the used cream or lotion the higher the SPF the higher the sun protection and the lower the vit d u get and the more protection from skin cancer

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