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What percent body fat is considered obese

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For women 32% or more of body fat and for men 25% or more of body fat is considered obese. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percent-body-fat-is-considered-obese ]
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What is the body fat percentage for obese?
Obesity is normally determined by Body Mass Index. Accurate determinations of body fat percentage are highly problematic. Typically a person with BMI > 30 would be considered obese and would have a body fat percentage of 25% or more.
Does anyone have any insight to this? body fat percentage says ob...?
Those are the BIA scales (I have one at home). They are supposed to be used under optimum conditions. You are not supposed to have eaten or exercised within 3 hours. They suggest you use them before dinner as the optimum time. The way they ...

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What does it mean if you dont weigh a lot but have a high body fat percentage?
Q: I have read that body percent fat for women at 32% and above is considered obese. What I dont understand is; I am 5'5 and 140 pounds. My body fat % is 31! I could stand to lose a few pounds but I am in a healthy weigh range. So what does it mean that I have a high body fat percentage? Does that mean I have a slow metabolism?
A: you may be what can be called a TOFITofis are people who appear thin, but have lots of internal fat. Too much internal fat (aka visceral fat) is hazardous to your health because it is situated around the organs. Tofis look healthy, but are not…What are the causes?Not enough exercise. Although they appear slim, most tofis have little or no exercise.Bad eating habits. They say that some people can eat all they want without getting fat. Well, it may appear this way, but now we know this is not always the case. It’s not always over-eating though, even people who are underweight can have lots of internal fat. The key is to change your diet: eat healthy and regularly.Doing crash diets.Genes. Not a lot you can do about this…Tofis need to worry about their health, because the hidden fat around the organs is of a dangerous kind. Situated around the heart, the muscles, the liver, …, this kind of fat is more dangerous than fat that is under the skin and can lead to diabetes, heart problems and cancer.This also means that BMI is not a good method of measuring fat in relation to health. The important thing to know is where the fat is situated. Sumo wrestlers, who have a lot of external fat, are generally healthy people with low cholesterol, low insulin resistance and a low level of fatty acids. That is because although they have a lot of fat under their skin, they hardly have any internal fat. That is because, besides eating up to 5000 calories/day, they have a lot of exercise.

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