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What part of an egg has the most protein

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Egg whites have a lot of protein as do the yolks. The yolks have a lot of cholesterol though so the whites are better for you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-part-of-an-egg-has-the-most-protein ]
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What part of an egg is protein?
The white of the egg.
Which Part of an Egg Has Protein?
Protein from eggs is natural and does not contain any fat or carbohydrates. The bulk of an egg's protein is found in the whites. The egg yolk contains fat and many important nutrients and vitamins.
What part of the egg holds the protein?
both do. the white has more though, the yolk has other stuff

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Which part of an egg has more protein, the whites or the yoke?
Q: I stopped eating red meat in protest of the Beef industries shabby handling of their product in consunction with all the anti-biotics and hormones. I did really well but after about three months I really wanted some of my little brothers birthday flank steak ( previously my favorite meal) and when I ate it I got really sick. Well I found out that after not eating red meat for an extended period of time my body had stopped making the enzymes necessary to digest it but I still need the protein. I've increased my intake of beans and nuts. But I still work out daily and am feeling the need for more protein. Eggs are simple, so I need to know which part has the most protein.
A: The whites and it's better for you than yolk. I always have 3 egg whites before bed so my body isn't starving while i'm sleeping!
What part of the egg has the most protein?
A: the eggwhite is pure protein (6 grams)the yolk is just cholesteral ( 270 mg. which is a wiked lot)
which part of an egg contains the most protein, the white or the yolk?
A: yolk

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