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What organ filters your blood

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The liver is a large vascular glandular organ that secretes bile and causes changes in many substances contained in the blood [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-organ-filters-your-blood ]
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What organ filters blood and produces white blood cells??
The kidneys filter your blood but I don't know what creates white blood cells.
Which organ of the excretory system filters urea toxins and waste...?
lol what berk put liver. don't you learn what each organ does in primary school.
What organ filters the air you breathe in?
Your nose filters and humidifies the air that you breathe. The hairs in your nose help to filter out larger particles.

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what is the organ that filters the blood of fluid and metabolic wastes?
Q: I will LOVE the person who answers me :-)(this is my 1st question)
A: That would be the kidneys, mainly. Some other organs also participate in this process. The liver changes some kinds of chemicals into a form that the kidneys that other organs can deal with. Solid waste and some of these products go to the intestines for disposal. Feces get their brown color from the chemical that results from the breakdown of waste hemoglobin after the iron is recovered. Gaseous wastes are disposed of mainly in the lungs, but some gases are generated in the large intestine, sometimes with embarrassing consequences.
What organ in a shark.... -Filters its blood? -Adds salt to its waste?
Q: I'm sorry! This is due tommorow, and our Science teacher didn't tell us the answer at all. We were dissecting shark and so we HAVE to do this. Thanks!-May
A: Kidneys and digitiform gland
What organ filters wastes from mammalia blood?
Q: UreterUrinary BladderKidneyLung
A: Kidney, but also the liver

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