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What is worse for you, soda or coffee

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All in all, coffee and caffeine are far less dangerous than soda, especially the diet kind. Thanks for asking ChaCha! Claus out! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-worse-for-you%2C-soda-or-coffee ]
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What's worse Coca Cola (Soda), Red Bull (Energy Drinks), or Coffe...?
I would say that coffee is the least of all the evils; providing you do not load it up with sugar and cream. Of course, quality filtered water is the best. If you're out and you want to jazz it up, simply order it with a wedge or two of lem...
What is worse for your health, coffee or diet soda??
coffee is better than diet soda. coffee in moderation is good. coffee has some antioxidants that helps stimulate your brain. diet soda doesn't help at all for dieting. even if you take diet caffeine free soda, it would make you think that i...
How bad is it to drink these: tea, soda, coffee, energy drinks??
All of the listed beverages contain Caffeine and way too much sugar. Yes, you will most certainly regret this in the future if you don't start drinking more water and eating healthier and exercising too.

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What is worse for you, coffee or soda, as far as long-term health.?
A: SODA by far, whether diet or regular. regular is high in calories, sugar, so bad for overall health. diet is low calorie, but increases craving for sweets, also has acid in it that is really bad for teeth enamal9wears it down), also helps cause bone loss density as takes calcium out of system.. believe me i know, payhing the price now for all drank in college.
Which is worse for you coffee or soda?
Q: Which is worse for you body?Metabolism?Teeth?
A: Soda its has many additives...
Is it worse to have a soda a day or a cup of coffee w/ cream and sugar?
Q: OK, so I saw the latest study from some source that a can of soda a day can increase your chance of heart attack by 50% and it causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and whatever else they said about how bad it is to consume a can of soda a day.I'm a Coke or Pepsi addict and it's probably the hardest of all habits for me to kick. Now just out of curiousity, is it worse to consume a can of soda a day or a cup of coffee with cream and sugar?
A: Diet sodas are just fine.The regular ones have way too much sugar.I only use those if i have a very low sugar.Find an alternative sweetener [ no carbs ] to sweeten your coffee.Cream is not a problem. fat doesn't raise your sugar.I use equal.

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