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What is healthier, blueberries or strawberries

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Both strawberries and blueberries have great health benefits. They both have antioxidants in them. Strawberries are known for vitamin C while blueberries are known to help with metabolism. Other benefits are attributed to both too. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-healthier%2C-blueberries-or-strawberries ]
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Is it healthy to eat a full container of raspberries, blueberries...?
You'll most likely get three answers to that question: "diarrea", "too much of anything isn't good", and "fruits are very high in sugar". Fruits are delicious, nutritious and definitely better than eating candi...
How to Make a Healthy, Dairy-Free Milkshake with Organic Strawber...?
・ 1 Add the ice and organic rice milk your blender. Blend on the pulse function for about 30-45 seconds... ・ 2 Add the organic strawberries and blend on pulse for thirty seconds. Add the organic blueberries and... ・ 3 Blend all the ingredie...
How to Make Healthy Strawberry & Blueberry Shakes
Summary: Learn how to make a healthy strawberry and blueberry shake in this free how-to video on making low glycemic shakes and juices.

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are frozen blueberries and strawberries as healthy as the real thing?
Q: if not how much of a difference is there really?
A: Actually, fruits and vegetables that are flash frozen are almost as nutritious as fresh ones. The quick freezing seals in the nutrients before they are lost. Dried and canned goods lose a lot of nutrients when they are processed.
Blueberries versus Strawberries, which is healthier?
A: blueberries have a natural fat burner strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac
Is it healthy to eat a full container of raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries?
Q: Is it healthy to eat a full container (the ones that they come in) of these fruits, raw? Is this fattening?Yea but is too much fruit bad for you? Does it have some ingredient that can be harmful if too much is consumed?
A: You'll most likely get three answers to that question: "diarrea", "too much of anything isn't good", and "fruits are very high in sugar".Fruits are delicious, nutritious and definitely better than eating candies, cookies, chips or chocolate. Fruits are low in calories and fats, have a variety of nutrients and lots of water, and are generally high in carbohydrates and sugars, but it's not like those things are enemies to the body... they're all needed for the body to function properly. But you'll hear all kinds of different things (and how do you know if you can trust them) so in the end, it really comes down to how your body reacts to eating lots of fruit. And make sure that they're not sweetened (why oh why do people sweeten fruits?) There shouldn't be any other ingredients in fruits unless you count the dozens of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used... To fix that problem, the best thing to do is buy organic and local fruits, or grow your own garden with them. If you do so, make sure the seeds are organic as well. Just don't drink fruit juices; By processing them through a juicer, they lose nutrients and fiber, which can lead to insulin spikes. You need that fiber in there! If you make fruit smoothies, add 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax seed, it'll give you extra fiber and lots of excellent nutrients. Just remember, if you consume lots of fiber, make sure to drink lots of water. Do research on the fruits that you eat most of the time. One website that's loaded with interesting information is http://whfoods.org. You'll also learn lots about fruits if you look up the term "fruitarian" there are lots of websites on this topic that completely ignore any negative effects there might be, but there's also some scientific-type research that looks at the pro and cons and how it affects peoples bodies.I love fruit. Half a year ago I used to eat horribly bad and was a chocoholic, now I'm a fruitoholic. I usually have about 7 servings of fruit a day and that's me limiting myself; Once in a while I have about 12 servings of fruit and once I had 18 servings in one day, but you know what, I never got diarrea or any kind of stomach pains.I hope this helps =)

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