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What happens if you eat too much fruit

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It depends on which fruit you are eating. You could become constipated, get diarrhea, or gain weight depending on the fruit. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-eat-too-much-fruit ]
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Is eating too much fruit bad for you?
thats good that u eat a lot of fruit . fruits contain sucrose which is a form of glucose . it willnot increase ur weight even if u eat a lot of fruits . as most of fruit contain vitamin c which will be lost with in few hours in the form of ...
Why eat more fruits & vegetables?
Fruits and vegetables are the best source of helpful vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals that may help prevent disease. Some fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants which can decrease the risk of certain kinds of ...
Is it possible to eat too much fruit?
It's possible to eat too much of ANYTHING! Only you know what's right for your lifestyle and weight. If you're binging on fruit, than maybe you have an eating disorder. If you just like it a lot and eat 5-6 servings a day, then you're ok. O...

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what happens when you eat too much fruit?
Q: would you gain weight?
A: It depends on what type you ate. You could gain weight (avocados and bananas come to mind), you could become constipated (apples and other fibrous fruit!) or you could have a period of Vitamin C overdose (oranges, citrus,) and have the opposite problem of constipation.
WHat happens if you eat nothing but fruit?
Q: What happens if you eat nothing but fruit and drink nothing but water? I eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink water all day. What would happen to my body if I continue this?
A: The thing with all food is that it is all good in moderation. That is not moderation! You are only getting fibre and carbohydrates (yes - sugars ARE carbohydrates) and some vitamins. Where is the protein, starches, etc. My aunt is a strict vegan and only eats vegies and fruits - and you should see how old and unhealthy she looks. Do you realise you can die from drinking too much water? It's called MODERATION! You can eat basically anything - just not too much of just one type. (And anyway, how boring is it for your taste buds just to have the same thing over and over again? Food should be enjoyed)
What happens when you eat to much of a single fruit?
Q: Pinnapple,Bananas,Strawberries,Watermelon,Oranges,apples,etc.What happens when you eat to much of one?
A: u turn into a fruitcake

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