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What happens if you dont

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If you do not follow the directions, you will not be successful and you may become unhealthy. Thank you and ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-dont ]
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What if you dont have.......?
Honestly, it doesn't matter. There's no right way to wear anything so you can wear them and it will look fine. But if you still worry, sometimes if you wear skinny jeans with them tucked into your boots, it will make your legs look skinnier...
Am i in love? dont want to bee... :
awwww i wish i was becky, lol... thats so sweet. you are in love with her. and your jealous that all of your guy friends are being touchy with her and making her laugh. be careful tho, do they kno you lik her? because if not tell them to...
I dont think she does. what 2 do?
From the language in your Q, it seems as though the two of you are like gasoline and a match. VERY volatile! DON'T punish yourself any longer. Get the devil out of the relationship AND STAY OUT! For the first few weeks, months or even longe...

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what happens when you break up with ur gf and say u dont want a gf but she sees you with someone else?
Q: i said i didnt want a relationship..now shes mad that she sees me with another girl...would it have been better to say i dont like u anymore
A: just leave the girl alone.u should of told the truth in the 1st place.and if she trys to talk to u just im really sorry but im not into you anymore
what happens if you dont eat healthy and eat carbs all the time?
Q: my dad said i could end up in the hospital or get sick. but whats the worst that could happen? and how long would i have to continue this habit for it to happen?dont answer with something stupid like "youll get fat/sick"i already know that. but i do eat healthy sometimes like at dinner.
A: if you don't eat healthy, and if you eat carbs all the time, are two different things. Carbs all the time? Isn't going to hurt. Not eating healthy, as in ALL you eat are carbs and you don't get vitamins/nutrients from foods (as opposed to vitamin supplements) though will definitely affect you. The noticeable immediate effects will be everywhere from your hair, to your nails, to your skin. The lasting effects will be the worst though - diets low in fruits and vegetables cause everything from heart disease to cancer. Eat your carbs and enjoy! but eat your broccoli too! it won't add any measurable amount of extra calories either, compared to what you're packing in carbs! lol.
What happens when you dont pay your bills?
Q: Do you really have to pay your bills. Is all they can do is give you a judgement? I always pay my bills so I dont know. It seems to me alot of people dont and nothing happens except for a poor credit score.
A: You get tossed out on the street... not paying your bills give you terrible credit. terrible credit means you dont have a phone, cant get power turned on, and forget making payments on a car....

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