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Is mustard good for you

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Mustard provides flavoring for otherwise bland food. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-mustard-good-for-you ]
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Is mustard good for you?
neutral to good... if you use mustard (which is non-fat) to replace mayo (oil, eggs and vinegar) in a sandwich. According to the website below, mustard has a bunch of benefits. Mustard aids digestion Mustard not only stimulates the appetite...
How long does unopened mustard stay good for?
Kept out of direct sunlight (which causes photo degradation) it will stay good for years and will not be dangerous for decades. The vinegar content protects it from bacterial decomposition.
Does Anyone Have A Good Apricot-mustard Pork Recipe For The Crock...?
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what is a good recipe for sweet salad dressing that is not honey bmustard or mustard dejion?
Q: i need a recipe for sweet salad dressing fast!!! i don't much like honey Dijon or honey mustard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Recipe for a sweet and tangy oriental plum dressing:Ginger-Plum salad dressing by k. a. t.(aka mobiuschic)1c plum jam/preserves (generic is fine Polaner all fruit is best!)1/2c clover blossom honey1/4c rice wine vinegar1/4c water1T canola oil1/2t fine sea salt1/4t white pepper2T finely minced fresh or pickled gingerMelt the jam in microwave for 30 seconds in microwave safe bowl. Add the salt, pepper and garlic and let sit for 5 minutes. Then wisk in the honey. water, vinegar and oil. Chill or serve straight. Makes a little over one pint.This goes great with just about anything from meats and poultry to salads. Enjoy!
What would be good to put wasabi mustard on?
Q: I was wondering if there was anything specific, besides sushi, that wasabi mustard might be good on?
A: Wait, Wasabi mustard? Do you mean just plain wasabi paste, or literally wasabi mixed with some type of mustard? 'Cause that would make a big difference to me. Especially depending on what type of mustard it is mixed with.I like to mix some in my tuna salad, and I think a little bit also goes well with roast beef sandwhiches or French Dips. Mixing some into the filling for deviled eggs sounds promising, but I've never tried it.My uncle likes it on a ton of stuff. Something he swears by is putting some on your bratwurst. It's not bad, imo, but I'm more of a relish and cheese girl. He also says it's great in a Bloody Mary, but I've never had the pleasure.Some mixed into Ranch salad dressing is good, but you have to get it mixed evenly. Or you die. (At least it feels that way.) In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce, orange juice, sugar, wasabi powder and ginger, and it's a great marinade or sauce for the grill. It's really great with asparagus.Also, if you like flavored butters with your steak and stuff, try making one with wasabi. Really top notch, whether it's on beef, or fish. (Swordfish steaks = yummm)
Has anyone ever put honey mustard sauce on popcorn and was it any good?
Q: I have a popcorn air popper and I have some leftover honey mustard sauce from the chik patty I had for dinner - do you think it would be good together?
A: that just sounds plain up nasty...popcorn and seasoning salt is really good though =]

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