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Is it bad to eat a brown bananas

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No, but they may not taste that great, unless you mash them and make banana bread or cake with it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-eat-a-brown-bananas ]
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Can you eat brown bananas?
yes you can because that is what you make banana bread with
Is it OK to eat frozen fruit?
Yes. You can use frozen fruit in a yummy fruit smoothies. I freeze blueberries in the summer in one-cup bags and then pull them out to make muffins and pancakes through the winter months.
Is it "ok" to eat the brown spots on a banana??
I cut them out if they are too brown because sometimes they just taste off. The banana is great, but the bruises taste a little mushy and odd. You don't have too, it's not going to hurt you, just my personal preference.

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Are bananas bad for you if you eat too many?
Q: Sometimes I'll eat up to 5 bananas a day. This isn't very often though, I only buy bananas about once every two months or so. I like to change things up a bit.I know that there's potassium in bananas and if you have too much it could make you constipated, but I was wondering if that was the only bad effect.I was also wondering what type of bananas is best for your health. Green bananas, browning bananas, plantains, etc...?Your help is very appreciated!
A: I don't think you'll o.d. on potassium from 5 bananas. You'll have to eat a heck of alot more for that. But too much of anything is not good. Even water can poison your system if you drink too much of it too quickly. But that's also in the very extreme. If you love bananas but fear constipation, try making banana-applesauce fiber muffins (you can use All-Bran cereal as a base). Kills two birds with one stone and tastes pretty yummy.
Are the brown spots in an avocado bad to eat?
Q: Are they just like bruises on a banana or is it a bad spot?
A: I guess if there are only a few brown spots, it's ok. But the avocado is starting to go bad. You can always just cut out the spots, and the rest should be ok. Just make sure the avocado is a healthy green color. If it's looking brown and gray, you're best to toss it.
Is it bad to eat really ripe fruit?
Q: Today I put some avacado that was really ripe on my sandwich, and it tasted kind of weird. Is that bad for you, and does the nutrition change at all? What about ripe bananas that are kind of brown?
A: As long as it hasn't gone bad, no, there's no problem with it. Very ripe fruits and veggies are messier to eat and aren't very pretty. Those are the two main reasons they're avoided, I'd say -- and the texture changes a little. That may do it for some folks. Anyway, they're not unhealthful. Grab an extra napkin, or a spoon, and don't look too closely at it. Then, enjoy!

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