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Is drinking a lot of water bad for you

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Drinking to much water can cause serious problems leading to diluted sodium and electrolytes in the blood, which causes dizziness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-drinking-a-lot-of-water-bad-for-you ]
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Is driking lots of water bad?
The lady yu heard this from has a poor grasp of what role water plays in the body, but her comments do reflect some truths. It is true that you can consume too much water (hypernatraemia), but the people who do this are usually top athletes...
Is it bad to drink a lot of water?
there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking a lot of water. the ONLY time is is bad, is when you are being stupid about it(like having a water drinking contest, or holding your pee, etc). people have died before from drinking too much w...
Can drinking a lot of water be bad?
Yes, but only if you drink it in huge amounts. Known as 'water intoxication' or hyponatremia (low salt), water poisoning results when too much water is ingested in too short a time; without replenishing electrolytes, particularly sodium and...

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Is drinking a lot of water healty or bad?
Q: i always read drink lots and lots of water to lose weight but i swear i heard a news before that some woman died in california by joining a water drinking contest.. she consumed too much! so is drinking too much water really effective to lose weight?
A: If I remember correctly, the woman's death was not caused primarily from overloading on water, but not properly emptying her bladder. The human body is over 95% water, therefore, we literally need it to survive. However, too much of anything, and poor self care, can cause illness, even death. I drink nothing but water, vanilla and chocolate soy milk and orange juice. Well, I drink four measuring cups of coffee a day, too, and the occasional diet Sierra Mist and half of a bottle of beer, too. (I'm breastfeeding and my daughter is not quite on a schedule and the breast pump I have is broken [I do not know if it's my fault or if it came like that, so I'm going to phone the company and ask if I can purchase a replacement, so I split bottles with my husband for now.) I don't have a soda or beer unless I think I've had substantial water intake and will be having more after.I do not knowif I agree with one can cut back on water some if s/he has a soda. I've seen Coca-Cola advertise making the claim that soda can count toward one's water intake. There MIGHT be truth to that, but I found the comment to be very biased. (It's not as though they're hurting for soda sales.) Conventional sodas are pure junk with artificial flavorings and colors and corn syrup and/or high fructose corn syrup. I used to drink the diet Sierra Mist (in addition to natural ginger ale) because I had major, constant heartburn during my pregnancy. (Yes, my daughter was born with a full head of hair that's only growing.)For me, my motto is have water, book or magazine, will travel. Everything moderation.
Is drinking lots of water bad for you?
Q: I drink a LOT of water. It's not that I force myself to, but I just constantly feel thirsty. Can drinking too much water be harmful for your body?
A: only if you drink a lot at once. If you drink a bunch over a span of time (with periods where you dont drink water in between) then it should be ok. For you it might not be harmful to you because your body is saying that it needs water. When you feel thirsty, that probably is a sign that your body wants some water.
Is it bad to drink a lot of water when your skinny?
Q: Ok I'm 11 years old i weigh 83 pounds. I am a skinny girl, who loves to drink water. Is it bad to drink a lot of water if im skinny? ^.^ Thank you for all your time!
A: no water is good for you. try eating along with drinking water ;)

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