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Is cup of noodles bad for you

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Cup of Noodles are not really good for you. They tend to contain a lot of Sodium. Nissin Cup of Noodles has 1262mg per serving. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-cup-of-noodles-bad-for-you ]
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Is 'NiSSin Cup of Noodles' Bad For You?
she might have an allergy to monosodiumglutimate which is a flavor enhancer made from soybeans.it is added to alot of bland instant noodle dishes such as nissen,any ramen noodle product and most canned and dry soups...as for being bad for y...
It all depends what you consider "bad" a piece of cake might be worse."everything in moderation"
Are cup a noodles bad for you? "sopas de vaso"??
not necessarily bad for you, but there not good for you either. in moderation, they're ok. also, they have no nutritional value to speak of. try adding stuff like an egg or meat or even veggies. i love them too and try to change it up a bit...

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Is eating too much cup noodles bad for you?
Q: Cup Noodles : Chicken Flavor.Is eating too much of this bad for you? Like once everyday?
A: they just have a lot of salt. every college student does that, it's no big deal. eventually you'll grow tired of them.
How are cup noodles bad for you?
Q: How are cup noodles bad for you?
A: They are bad for you because the people who manufacture them add all sorts of additives that are often very bad for you even if the FDA says they aren't. Exaple: Monosodium Glutamate.
Is eating a lot of cup noodles bad?
Q: i go to college and find that i have little to no time on my hands. when im hungry, i usually just have cup noodles. its become more of a daily thing now. sometimes, i have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. is this bad? if i continue to do this, what will is lead to? should i stop? i know that the sodium is high, and that could lead to heart conditions or something, but can eating a lot of the cup noodles lead to weight gain as well?
A: As long as you eat it in small portions,and not all day it you won't gain weight.Especial if your on the go alot.Most collage students live off or ramen noodles anyway.lol

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