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Is cooking oil bad for a dog

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Cooking oil is actually present in most dog foods and is quite healthy for pets in moderate amounts. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-cooking-oil-bad-for-a-dog ]
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Can cooking oil cure dog's mange?
I heard about that too. I'm trying it today for the first time actually, so I have no conclusive evidence. However, she seems much happier, and she hasn't scratched herself since I rubbed it all over her this morning. :D I'm optimistic abou...
What should I do with my dog, after she drank cooking oil??
Whatever you do, don't stand directly behind the dog! (wink). The cooking oil isn't going to do any permanent damage. Can't say the same for anything that may or may not have been in the cooking oil. If it was mine I would give it some kope...
What do you do when a dog drinks a pot of cooking oil??
Give him plenty of chances to go outside and keep a close eye on him.

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is it okay to feed your dog cooked potatoes on a regualr basis?
Q: I also like to include broth, omega oils and rice sometimes. Just wondering if this is better, worse or comparable to the expensive dog foods out there. Will this give enough nutrition?
A: An approximate rule of thumb for a well balance canine diet is equal parts protein, starch and vegetable with a little oil and fruit. Bear in mind that dogs by nature are omnivorous. You're on the right track. Do a net search on canine diets.Edit: Only the uneducated think dogs are carnivorous.
Q: ok i found these nasty bugs in the pantry near the dog food i have two different bags...anyways...ive got a bowl filled with dog food that are not infested YET and put them in the freezer....my question is what do i feed them tomorrow morning? i only got one serving for each dog..QUESTIONS:1.ok from my other question lots of ppl said differnt stuff so heres the diet for my yorkie:i cut up a boiled egg into many parts and put them in bowl filled with rice and A LITTLE water....is that ok? and should i only give my yorkie the yolk or the white or both?? PS. MY YORKIE HAS A SUPER SENSITVE TUMMY SUPER SENSITIVE... 2. for my border collie this is her diet im thinking of: cutting up pieces of cooked tyson breast chicken and putting them in a bowl with cut up boiled eggs and rice with LITTLE water...is this ok..and should i give her only the white part or the yolk? and is this ok? should i include the chicken in my yorkies diet too?READ THIS BEFORE YOU ANSWER-----the chicken im using will be washed and "patted" before cooking so the bad oils and salt and seasoning will be almost all gone..and this diet IS TEMPORARY like for a couple weeks or a few days idk but its temporary....thank you!! email me iif you want!!!!thanx!!IM 11 AND MY PARENTS WILL GO IN A WEEK OR SO TO BUY IT!!!! GEEEZ!!
A: Good thinking but the yolk is bad for your dogs health, try only the white for both dogs . When feeding the chicken bake it and then try to get all of the bread crumbs off(if there is any) it will hurt there tummy.Feed your yorkie some too but not as much as your other dog after all he is smaller. Be careful on how much rice you are giving him and make sure you do put some water in it.Keep them healthy and try to buy a little package of dog food or canned food until you get the bugs away. good luck
Penis bit by a dog, what should I do?
Q: I was masturbating in my kitchen, and my dog came into the room. I was using smooth peanut butter (It was a bad idea, but I ran out of cooking oil halfway through and had to improvise). My dog loves peanut butter, and thought my waving dick was some sort of treat I was waving around for him to bite. He bit my dick hard, and when I screamed out in pain he got aggressive and started pulling on it. I eventually got him off but not without some serious damage. I don't want the doctor to get the wrong idea and think I'm a dog-raper, so what should I tell him?
A: Total BS.

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