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Is apple sauce bad for you

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Most of the applesauce in the store contains high fructose corn syrup which is bad. Motts makes some with no sugar added = good. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-apple-sauce-bad-for-you ]
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How To Make Apple Sauce
Apple sauce can be a great treat that you can make a home! Here's a sweet snack with simple instructions. Ingredients approx. 6 Granny Smith ...more C Article Written 1 week ago by WikiHow | Comments Views
Is Eating Expired Apple Sauce Terribly Bad?
Sometimes an expiring date may be just that! However, from what you wrote, unless you are throwing up already and have cold chills, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It wasn't as if you ate something that expired June of 1999. Take care. ...
How bad for a baby is regular custard and regular apple sauce??
i very much doubt it make her sick as i make my own apple sauce and custard for my son i understand your frustrations and worries but in the long run its not worth fusing over as id prefer the support than none at all and it gets my husband...

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is apple sauce bad for you?
Q: is apple sauce bad for you?do you think itll get you fat?
A: No. I think that it is good for you. It is easy to eat and digest. So stop worrying. Enjoy your applesauce!
Will my apple sauce go bad?
Q: I'm in college and my roommate and I are about to leave for spring break. We have to unplug our mini-fridge and I was wondering if my apple sauce and dole fruit cups will go bad. They're in little individual bowls all sealed up tight.
A: They will be fine as long as they are unopened with the factory seal intact. They will stay good at room temperature until their "use by" date, or until they are opened (at that point they must be refrigerated).
Is Eating Expired Apple Sauce Terribly Bad?
Q: I accidentally ate a cup of expired apple sauce half an hour ago. I'm now wondering if I should expect to be sick, or even induce vomiting. It was REALLY expired- we're talking, June 26/07 expired. What do you guys think? I mean it tasted fine...
A: Go get some of that Reincarnation Milk you know its the milk brought to you by dead cows

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