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If you drink 3 Monster Energy drinks can it kill you

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ALL Monster drinks have a Lethal combinaion of Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Benzoate and or Benzoic Acid, which combine to create Benzene which can make you sick or possibly death! Proceed with caution. Consult a Dr. if you become ill. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-drink-3-monster-energy-drinks-can-it-kill-you ]
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How many Monster energy drinks can kill you?
i'm sure if your friend had heart problems, 5 or 6 would kill them in a day.
Does Monster Energy Drink Kill Sperm?
that's a lot of money. hope he doesn't smoke too. i don't believe that it does, however you should experiment and prove your hypothesis and if you get pregnant then your theory is correct.
Does monster energy drinks kill eggs?
Absolutely not! The FDA wouldn't approve any product that had the potential to do something like that. And besides, if it was messing with my eggs, you would think it would be damaging some other things too! None of the ingredients in Monst...

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How many Monster energy drinks can kill you?
Q: I'm wondering how many monster energy drinks can kill you in a day because my friend drinks quite a few a day and once drank 20 within 3 days... so Im just wondering how many could kill you in a day???
A: i'm sure if your friend had heart problems, 5 or 6 would kill them in a day.
Monster energy drinks?
Q: So I like heard that if u drink more than 3 Monsters a day I heard it can kill you but thats not true because I like drank more than 3 and my cuz had 2 and we went outside and we partied HARD like a rockstar and what we did is we danced in my backyard and then we were REALLY hyper and we teepeed my neighbors house so then we came in my house and had like a party and then we got in trouble cuz we were outside. My question is: Can monster make you drunk if you drink more than 3 a day?
A: You'll throw up before you consume too much caffeine because there's just too much fluid compared to caffeine content. According to the Energy Fiend calculator, it'll take you more than 40-50 Monsters to take you down. You can't get drunk off of energy drinks because there is no alcohol.
Serious answers please. are energy drinks bad enough to kill you?
Q: I drink a "crap load" of energy drinks. Like alot. Right now I had a triple strength triple size rockstar energy drink about 3 hours ago and now I' started drinking a Monster BFC without even thinking about it. Now i chest pain but i might just be freaking out and it's just in my head but i'm not sure. I also am not sure how to ask this question so sorry for rambling on. My left arm turns tingly sometimes but who knows what thats from. But should i stop drinking energy drinks? I have a long history of heart problems in both sides of my family. Also I'm not too fond of dying. Also I have a really messed up sleeping pattern.Infact I have no sleeping pattern i never stick to a schedual and I am always awake long hours like 20 a day and i sleep for like 12 hours a day. "i know" . But yea again sorry for rambling on.AM I GOING TO DIE? also i found 6 hour power to be quite effective. I'm like a energy drink fanatic or something :)why can't they just make an alternative drink that tastes the same as each energy drink but without the chemicals. the companies that make them could make even more money.AND i stay alive a little while longer :)Also I'm not worried about caffiene i have drank like 2 gallons of coffe in 30 min and i'm fine. its the other stuff I'm worried about. Taurine ginsing L- carnatine cause i dunno what they are
A: I would say try laying off them for a while. YES you can die if you drink far too much caffeine (I know of bodybuilders ODing on caffeine and giving themselves induced heart attacks in sporting competitions). I don't think you are now, but you could be severely damaging your healthy. Not to mention how fat you can become drinking those drinks. Lack of sleep is also attributed to long-term brain damage and overall poor health.I use to drink a lot of energy drinks, but then I got over it. It was pretty much a phase for me, and in all just a big waste of money. I suggest you lay off them for a week and see how your feel, try to get into a better sleep cycle and maybe you'll find that you don't need them anymore. Try replacing them with water for a week, you'll thank yourself in the long run if it sticks.

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