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How much water does it take to clean your system

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How do clean out your system other than water??
Cranberry juice is good for cleaning out your system

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How long does it take to clean your system when drinking water?
Q: This includes getting rid of rashes and bumps on your face, skin irritations, and fresh urine? Is water the answer?
A: By "rashes and bumps", I'm assuming you're talking about acne-related stuff....Actually, drinking LOTS of watter (enough to make your urine completely clear, and enough so that you go about a dozen times a day or more) has helped me DRAMATICALLY in the past. It is usually an effective quick fix (usually see results within 36-48 hours after you start your water-binging experience), but must be maintained if you really want the acne stuff to go away. It's kinda not logical to use water-binging to effectively permanently fight off acne. But to answer your question (again, assuming you're talking about acne-related "rashes" or whatever)... I'd say it takes about 36-48 hours to get noticeable effects of drinking more than a gallon water per day.
How much water does I take to flush out the bad stuff from an energy drink from your system.?
Q: I have recenly stopped drinking Monster energy drinks because of what I read on the Internet about the junk they can leave in your liver. I was wondering how much water would it take to clean the junk out of my system and is any water better than another at doing this?
A: Water doesn't flush toxins like that, and water is water - no kind is better or worse. Energy drinks do not "leave junk in your liver". The big story was about COLA - drinks like Pepsi - which can prevent the absorption of potassium if taken in enormous amounts (over two gallons a day). This had nothing to do with the liver, though.Your liver is not full of toxins that need to be flushed. That's quackery spread by evil conmen who want to charge you hundreds of dollars for quack remedies full of dangerous third-world medicines and sawdust.Enjoy your energy drinks in moderation and also enjoy plain tap water, filtered or unfiltered. Don't believe people who lie about "toxins" and "cleansing" in order to empty your wallet.
does drinking a gallon of water clean your system?
Q: if i drink a gallon of water an hour before i take a drug will it come out negitive
A: No it will come out inconclusive which is the same as failing in many circles. Too much water messes with the test and they will not accept it.

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