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How many grams of protein does a banana have

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One medium banana about 7 inches long would contain a gram or 4 calories worth of protein. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-grams-of-protein-does-a-banana-have ]
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How much protein is in a bannana?
Does a banana have protein?
Bananas Not Good Protien Source Bananas have a small amount of protein. For example, one medium banana about 7 inches long would contain a gram or 4 calories worth of protein. However, bananas are commonly known for their potassium and carb...
How much a protein does a banana contain?
One medium banana contains 1 gram of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber.

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Does anybody have any idea how many grams of protein are in broccoli?
Q: Also how much broccoli I would need to eat to get that amount of protein, and if you have any idea how much protein is in celery, apples, grapes and bananas, I would appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance! :)
A: 3g per 1cup, choppedQ.E.D.
on average how many grams of protein is in 1 egg and 1 banana?
A: There are about 6 grams of protein in 1 large egg. A medium banana contain about 1.3 grams of protein, but of a very incomplete kind.
How many grams of carbs/fat/protein on a diet?
Q: How many grams of carbs/fat/protein on a diet?I eat 5 small meals a day and exercising 4 times a week and want to know how many : grams of carbs/fat/protein i should be taking on my diet?Also which fruits/veggies are the best for diets, because apples and bananas are really high in carbs and ig im having a banana and 2 apples a day thats wuite alot of carbs just from that fruit.Thanks
A: This question is not so direct to answer. Before you determine how much carbs, fats and proteins are required, we need to know how much calories you required each day. The approximated value can be computed based on your weight, gender, activity level etc. You can easily google for a calories calculator over the net.After you know how much calories you are required daily (let's assume it's 3000kcal), then you need to ask yourself whether you want to gain weight, maintain or lose weight. Assuming you want to maintain, therefore your daily calories intake should be 3000kcal. If you need fats to combat coldness, you should use the 45:35:20 ratio (assuming you are), otherwise use the 50:35:15 ratio. 45 is the portion of calories you should get from carbohydrates, 35 from proteins and 20 from fats.Therefore we can have a calculation which looks like this:Carbohydrates: 3000kcal x 0.45 = 1350kcalProteins: 3000kcal x 0.35 = 1050kcalFats: 3000kcal x 0.2 = 600kcal1g of carbohydrates give 4kcalTherefore Carbo required = 1350/4 = 337.5g1g of proteins give 4kcal tooTherefore Carbo required = 1050/4 = 262.5g1g of fats give 9kcalTherefore Fats required = 600/9 = 66.7gYou shouldn't be worrying about taking fruits. Generally fruits are very low in fats and the nutrition values are high. But if you are concern, then go for citrus fruits, they are much lower in carbohydrates.

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