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How many grams of protein are in a sweet potato

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There is not any protein in a sweet potato. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-grams-of-protein-are-in-a-sweet-potato ]
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Do Sweet Potatoes Have Any Protein In Them?
Sweet potato is one kind of food.The nutritional value is very high .It is without doubts that it contains many nutrients,such as calcium,phosphorus,as well as protein.According to the research,there are 1.8g protein in about 100g Sweet pot...
How many Protein do sweet potatoes have?
They have a small amount, but they are primarily a good source of carbohydrates. Even the small amount of protein they do have is not considered "complete" because it lacks ample amounts of all the essential amino acids. Check out...
What is the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes? Both good...?
not sure the difference but they are several ways to prepare them they seem to give me energy don't know why

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Q: hi, im 16 years old, 5 FOOT 11 and my target is to gain pure muscle mass via a good clean diet and weight training.my supplement stack is optimum nutrition whey, animal pak multivitamin and cre 02(creatine)HERE IS ME WIEGHT GAINING DIET:Meal 1 (7 AM) 1-1/2 cups of dry oats mixed with water 1 banana 2 scoops OPTIMUM NUTRITION WHEY PROTEIN739 calories66 grams protein101 carbsMeal 2 (10 AM) Buy bulk whey / super mass gainer smoothie481 calories25.6 gram protein54.3 carbsMeal 3 (12 Noon) 1-1/2 cup of brown rice, or medium sized baked potato, or sweet potato 2 cups of green beans, broccoli or any other desired vegetable 6-8 ounces of chicken, turkey, or lean fish 460 calories60.2 grams protein33.45 carbsMeal 4 (3 PM) Same as Meal 2 481 calories25.6 gram protein54.3 carbsMeal 5 (5:30 PM) 1-1/2 cup of brown rice, or medium sized baked potato, or sweet potato 2 cups of green beans, broccoli or any other desired vegetable 6-8 ounces of chicken, turkey, or lean fish 460 calories60.2 grams protein33.45 carbsANIMAL PAK MULTIVITAMINPre-Workout Supplements (6:30 PM) 3 tablets of Creatine Weight Train (7 PM-8 PM) Post Workout SMOOTHIE (8 PM) Buybulkwhey / mass gainer smoothie481 calories25.6 gram protein54.3 carbsMeal 6 (8:30 PM) 1 banana 1 oz (23 whole kernels) (28 grams)275 calories7 grams protein35 carbsMeal 7 (10:30 PM) Cottage cheese 100grams98 calories11 grams protein3 carbsTOTAL : 3475 calories281.1 grams protein270 carbsTELL ME WHAT YOU THINK PEOPLE?THNX!!!!btw i weigh in at 126lbs/9 stones/57 KG.
A: I like your workout but im not liking the creatine. Creatine is not good for you.edit: i somewhat agree with the guy under me but. I understand ur sudden intake of wirght if ur trainin hard and healthy (without creatine) gainin 2-3lbs in one week should be fine if ur turnin it into muscle fast
120 grams of natural sugar?
Q: I'm on a weight gain diet and im trying to do it the healthy way (I also have a ton of food allergies, those this is DIFFICULT) and today I ate 2 sweet potatoes, 2 large oranges, 1 pear, 1 apple, and half a glass of prune juice all between meals. That's about 120 grams of natural sugar. Is that too much? Is that just going to pack the weight onto my gut, because that's NOT what I want. I want to gain weight evenly. Anyone have any advice? And do you guys think that's way too much sugar? I'm getting protein...I blended protein powder with the pear...i ate turkey, chicken and fat free beans....
A: Hmmm....that is a lot of sugar, but if you are trying to gain weight, I don't know that it will make that much of a difference where your calories come from as long as you are getting plenty of protein. If you want to cut out some sugar but keep your calories high eat some almonds or other healthy nuts. Or whole wheat pasta, with meat sauce - stuff like that. I wish I was trying to gain weight ha ha! I'm just trying to maintain. Good luck!
Question for the body builders.?
Q: Look at my diet1green pepper5 mushroooms1/2 cup steeel cut oats2 scoops 50 gram whey proteincup fat free milkbananaSweet Potato4 pieces tuna2 scoops 50 gram whey proteincup fat free milkapple4 pieces chcikencup brown rice2cups brocoliWhat I want to know is can I get rid of the fucking whey protein and eat 2 pieces fish instead why do I even haft to eat like this im tired of it. Cant I just eat healthy? And gain muscle?Calories 200.00 0% Calories from Fat 0.00 2% Total Fat 0.00 g 13% Saturated Fat 0.00 g 0% Cholesterol 5.00 mg 0% Sodium 320.00 mg 100% Total Carbohydrate 0.00 g 50% Dietary Fiber 0.00 g 50% Protein 50.00 g 60% Phosphorus 500.00 mg 6% Magnesium 200.00 mg 20% Calcium 600.00 mg Iron 1.08 mg Chloride 680.00 mg Potassium 750.00 mg 21% Vitamin A 2500.00 IU 50% Vitamin C 30.00 mg 50% Vitamin E 15.00 IU 50% Vitamin K 40.00 mcg 50% Thiamin 0.75 mg 50% Riboflavin 0.85 mg 50% Niacin 10.00 mg 50% Vitamin B-6 1.00 mg 50% Folate 200.00 mcg 50% Vitamin B-12 3.00 mcg 50% Biotin 150.00 mcg 50% Pantothenic Acid5.00 mg 50% Iodine75.00 mcg 50Above is what sin the protein this also is in the proteinBeta-lactoglobulin 55-62%Alpha-lactalbumin 19-22%Immunoglobulin 9-10%Bovine Serum Albumin 6-8%Lactoferrin .5-1%3465mg of isoleucine7865mg of leucine3080mg of valine4.6g of L-Glutamine
A: Zach, it's difficult to tell how much you are eating here because I don't know what a "peice" is when it comes to tuna and chicken. Are we talking about a tuna filet? A can of tuna? A whole chicken breast? Or a couple strips of chicken? See what I mean?I don't think the whey protein is really the issue here -- I think what's happening here is that you're eating the same stuff meal-after-meal, day-after-day with no variety. Your diet right now is very spartan -- it's probably more suited for a professional bodybuilder who is cutting up for a contest. It's not sustainable long term unless you have no taste buds.Also, the carbs look quite low and there is almost no fat in this. No wonder you're puking out on it.I would recommend trying a tapered approach. Eat larger meals (around 500 calories) in the morning with more fruit (simple carbs), oatmeal (complex carbs) and eggs (six or seven egg whites and one egg yolk) for your lean protein. Have some carbs for lunch (your fourth meal, assuming you are treating the whey protein as a second meal or snack).As you progress through the day, increase your protein and fiberous carbs (from veggies, primarily), but decrease your simple carbs (which it looks like you are already doing.) Also, add in a little bit of good fat -- olive oil, avocados, walnut oil, and some almonds, walnuts, pecans or mixed nuts.Bottom line is that you need to mix up your food choices and get a little more creative with the preparation of your food. Instead of scrambled eggs, make a low-fat, high-protein egg white frittata for breakfast (this is also a great dinner). Instead of just a piece of fish, make salmon patties with canned salmon, a whole egg, some dried onion and a couple tablespoons of bread crumbs. Pat them into patties and bake them in the oven or fry them lightly in a non-stick pan. Serve it with asparagus, sweet potatos and a small side salad with a olive oil and vineagar dressing.But some pre-cut chicken breast strips, toss them with taco or fajita seasoning and fry them in a non-stick pan. Buy some low-carb flour tortillas (La Tortilla Factory makes some great ones), add Fage (low-fat greek yogurt) or non-fat plain yogurt, some cabbage or lettuce, tomatos and tobasco sauce. You can even sprinkle on a little low-fat cheese or low-fat Feta. Two of these will be around 500 calories, will have 40 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, and around 28 grams of carbs.I've included links to sites with healthy recipes for body builders and people who are into fitness. The steamed broccoli and boiled chicken diets that you hear some bodybuilders talk about aren't consumed because they have mysterious powers to build muscle, but rather because many people don't know how to prepare healthy, bodybuilding food. It's just easier to choke down bland food then to actually learn how to cook and make it taste better.Many of these foods can be made in larger quantities ahead of time so that you can pack them up and eat them all week.You also should stock up on and use more spices, including things like Tobasco, basil, oregano, chili powder, garlic, etc. Not only are they flavorful, but they also are loaded with antioxidents that may help your body repair itself after an intensive workout.Best of luck!

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