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How many calories in a Falafel sandwich

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There are 57 calories in a 2 1/4 inch diameter falafel. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-calories-in-a-falafel-sandwich ]
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How many calories in falafel sandwich?
there are about 57 in a ball of falafel, and 450 cal in a wrap/sandwich, not including cheese, or condiments, so there are probably about 600-700. felafel's alone is surprisingly not bad for you at all. yes its fried but it's low in cholest...

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how many calories are there in a falafel sandwich?
Q: I have been eating those sandwiches- they consist of two falafel balls, some tahina, some vegetables and friend potatoes inside and then they are wrpped in a pita bread. So how many calories would that be?
A: 600 calories and 10grams of fat
Falafel sandwich?
Q: How many calories do you think are in these deep-fried fritter balls? I eat a flafel sandwich from my favorite Greek plce on average twice a week and would like to have some kindof idea of the calories I'm consuming when I eat this meal. Help if anyone has any clue?
A: Nutrition FactsServing Size 1 patty (approx 2-1/4" dia) (17g)Amount Per ServingCalories:57Calories from Fat:27Total Fat:3g
Calories in a falafel wrap?
Q: So I've been looking up the calorie content for a falafel wrap and have been seeing amounts ranging from 400-800. 400 seems so low but I don't want to believe it's 800!I realize the actual falafel balls are fried, so the calories obviously add up quickly.How much would you say that four falafel balls with lettuce, tomato, mayo, parsley, tahini dressing, and pickles on a pita have? The pita was rather large.Here's a picture of a similar-looking sandwich http://www.grillmastergrenada.com/images/big-falafel-wrap.jpgGimme your best guess, please! =D Much appreciated.
A: I can't tell how big it is, BUT, I buy an 8-inch diameter pita, stuffed with just tahini, lettuce, tomato, and peppers, and it's 425 calories. Those big pita breads alone are more than 200 calories. With the mayo and falafel, I can't imagine the entire thing would be less than 600 calories, and probably closer to 700. :-(Edit: I checked the calories on the pitapit.ca calorie calculator (they make pitas very similar to the one you showed me, with 4 falafel balls per pita); it calculated your calories at 674, if you only had 1 tbsp each of mayo and tahini. Add another 130 calories if you had 2 tbsp of each.

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