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How many calories are in a chicken burrito from Chipotle

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The Chipotle chicken burrito has 200 calories. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-calories-are-in-a-chicken-burrito-from-chipotle ]
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What is Chipotle's Chicken Burrito Recipe?
i need to know if i can to used spices chipotle with out any addiciton and i can took same flavour
How bad is a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle for you??
It depends on what you put on it. The website listed below has a calorie counter that calculates the calories based on what ingredients you put on your bowl.
What Is The Nutritional Information For A Chicken Burrito At Chip...?
I use the site nutriton data .com they pretty much list every where and everything

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How many calories is this burrito from Chipotle?
Q: I get a burrito that has rice, cheese, and chicken. I know it's not much, but after reading an article that said that a burrito has about 1000 calories, I was shocked. Please answer and thanks :)
A: Nutrition FactsAmount Per ServingCalories 710 Cal from Fat 250% Daily Value*Total Fat 27g 42%Saturated Fat 11g 53%Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 145mg 48%Sodium 1370mg 57%Total Carbs 68g 23%Dietary Fiber 2g 8%Sugars 1g Protein 49g Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0%Calcium 0% • Iron 0%
How many calories are in a Chipotle burrito?
Q: It's for a health assignment.I just want to know how many calories are in the burrito i atemine had rice, tomato, chicken, cheese, black beans, vegetables.Could you atleast make an estimate or a guess?Thanks.
A: About 990 caloriesI used this tool:http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php?id=nutrition_calculator
How many calories are in a chipotle burrito? read details?
Q: If I put rice with no beans, chicken, tomatos, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce, how many calories is that.its defiantely not 200, its around 1,000, but im not sure exactly.
A: About 200 calories, depending on the amount of rice and the type and size of the tortilla.But where is the burrito?

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