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How long will it take to pass out if you do not eat

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Humans can last a couple of weeks without food, but only a couple of days without water. If the person would faint is individual. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-will-it-take-to-pass-out-if-you-do-not-eat ]
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How long would it take to pass out by not eating or drinking??
Possible if diabetic. Without drinking 3 days you are dehydrated.Without eating. I know people who have not eaten for a very long time. Not good especially for the young. Not something I would advise. Especially with your schedule.

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how long would it take for someone to pass out if they didnt eat anything?
Q: im doing a school project and I need to no how many days or weeks it would take to pass out or faint if you didn't eat anything?well for example im 5'3 and weigh 47kg and im 13. how long would it take for me to pass out if i didnt eat anything?
A: thats a fair messed up question and at 13 you shouldn't evenbe doing that type of project in school i would be askingyour teacher are they for real what are they trying to do make ye all anorexic in the process.
How long does it take for you not to eat something and pass out?
Q: How long does your body have to go without food for you to pass out?(This is out of curiousity, I like my pies thankyou very much)
A: Depends if you are healthy or not, If your diabetic it could be hours for someone healthy 4 days. I hope you aren't going to try this. I think that means your blood flow to the brain has decreased so much that you finally pass out, just think of what that is doing to your other organs. DD
How long does it generally take for the food that I eat to pass out of my breast milk?
Q: My son is 13 days old and exclusively breastfed. Sunday & Monday night I ate refried pinto beans for dinner. Everything seemed to be fine until 11:30 Monday night when he started fussing quite a bit and the only thing that would calm him was nursing (he generally is quite happy and only cries for short periods when there's something bothering him) he had diarrhea that lasted for only that night but he still gets very upset and sometimes cries when he is passing gas or making a BM. It is now Tuesday night and he seems like he's still in pain and is VERY gassy and wants to eat almost constantly. He is peeing and pooping regularly but today he has had quite a bit of mucus in his stool. Pediatrician said today that all is fine and normal. How long does it generally take for the food that I eat to pass out of my breast milk and how long will my poor baby's tummy be upset from it? I feel so bad for my little guy and I never want to eat pintos again! Thank you for any help!
A: Short answer. 1 day. You may want to avoid those "crazy" foods for a while. Spices such as garlic, chili, cinnamon, and pepper. No Chocolate. (sucks, I know) Vegetables such as cabbage, onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber. Fruits such as prunes, cherries, oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapefruits, pineapple, and kiwi. For some reason popcorn is also something they tell you to avoid.

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