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How long does it take for food to pass through the human body

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It generally takes between 24 & 48 hours for food to pass through the body. The exact time depends on what was eaten. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-food-to-pass-through-the-human-body ]
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How long does it take for food to complete pass through the human...?
Typically 4-6 hours to get to the large intestines, but it could sit there awhile before "actually passing" having a BM, but it could be done with the digestive part. Greasy foods will pass through faster, people with IBS are all ...

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how long does it take for food to complete pass through the human body?
A: Typically 4-6 hours to get to the large intestines, but it could sit there awhile before "actually passing" having a BM, but it could be done with the digestive part. Greasy foods will pass through faster, people with IBS are all out of whack, no setting a time for those of us with that. I had a co-worker that literally ate and within 30 minutes was in the bathroom! It begins in your mouth with saliva, and then into the stomach and on down the path. Liquid does tend to move faster and it depends on what also, we know coffee and beer go quickly! Everyone is a little different, but i think that range is a good estimate. Happy digesting!
Is it good to drink milk? The text is too long but worthwhile read....?
Q: es esta pagina linkhttp://notmilk.com/kradjian.htmlThe most important information dissemination my.Not that, but I can make your text too long jajaja.If I write bad is that I am leading a translator jaja
A: wow. Looks like you had allot of thought to this. My thoughts to this. People have been drinking milk for positively centuries and millenia. If you like it, drink it. If you don't, don't.
Do you think lord bearclaw of griffon woods (user who usually answers vampires questions) answers are to long?
Q: I mean ya it's informative but who can read that in one sitting.Plus if Lord Bearclaw reads this than I ain't telling you to get rid of your answer, just simplify it.Here's his answer:Here is truth - read and understand. 1. Vampires, defined as a humanoid being that MUST consume blood or energy to survive do not exist. Cut and paste time, as it is too much work to type this out over and over and I "recycle" my own answers instead of retyping them so here goes. A brief discussion of the human digestive system and then the probable vampire population given an exponential growth rate should explain why vampires are not possible. 2. The human body is not designed to process large amounts of blood for nutrition. There is not enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in blood to maintain a complex creature such as **** Sapiens or any theorized offshoot mutations. When a human ingests food it is first broken up into a bolus by chewing, then churned up in the stomach with digestive juices to form a mass called chyme. It then passes through the pylorus into the duodenum, part of the small intestine where it mixes with bile salts and secretions from the pancreas and liver which continue breaking it down on a molecular basis, mostly affecting fats at this point. The broken down nutrients pass through the wall of the intestines and into the bloodstream where they are carried to each cell or stored for later use. Indigestible bulk continues through the intestines, turning a dark brown from the bile. Water is absorbed from this mass in the large intestine depending on the needs of the body - a well-hydrated person will usually have a softer stool than a dehydrated person will. Water also enters the bloodstream, and this is what helps to maintain blood pressure. The pressure tends to balance itself in a healthy person because the bloodstream goes through a formation in the kidney called the Loop of Henle, where the narrowing blood vessel forces excess water and cellular waste such as urea out through the cellular wall into the kidneys, where it is excreted through the ureters into the bladder, and then out of the body via the urethral passageway.3. IMPORTANT - A person physically unable to process his own food for nutrition therefore also could not process blood - it's the same process. Ingested blood does not transmit directly to the veins anyway - it would be chemically broken down by the digestive system.4. Theoretical ingestion of blood to supply these nutrients would therefore have to occur at least once a day, and would require the ingestion of the entire blood supply which could not happen as the stomach is far too small to hold that much liquid volume. Hold up your clenched fist - under normal conditions your stomach is about that size. Furthermore, such a mass would be difficult to pass thru the intestines as it has no fibrous bulk, would create an intestinal impaction, causing massive vomiting from the large concentration of iron present, and any "real" vampire would have to eventually expel the waste, which would come out as a black, tarry, smelly goo, just as stool does when blood is present from a upper GI bleed. 5. These humans that affect the whole "vampiric lifestyle" are NOT vampires. They are simply humans playing their own little game, in their own little fantasy world, usually pandering to their own little sexual fetish, which may or may not actually be sexual. I too, play my own little game, in the SCA, but mine is a game where the deeds that I do are determined by the strength of my arm and sword - I am a warrior, with just as much skill and ability as any warrior of ancient times. The difference is that I am claiming to be something physically possible: a warrior, and I prove it everytime I strap on my armor and walk onto a SCA battlefield. The so-called "vampires" are claiming to be something physically impossible: a walking corpse, and all they prove is that black Victorian clothing, a pair of false fangs, and a little makeup make for a good Halloween costume - it does not make you a vampire.6. Even if a vampire feeds once a week, and his victim also becomes a vampire, that is exponential growth, with four iterations a month. First iteration: One makes one, total two. Second iteration: Two make two, total four. Third iteration: Four make four, total eight. Fourth iteration: Eight make eight, total sixteen. 16 vampires at the end of one month, 256 at the end of the second month, 4096 by the end of the third month, 65,536 by the end of the fourth month, 1,048,476 at the end of the fifth, and 33,572,832 vampires at the end of half a year! By way of comparison, there are currently approximately 33 million people who have HIV/AIDS and the disease is a world-wide epidemic. I see people every day in the hospital with AIDS, but never has there been one documented case of a vampire attack. Do the math - vampires are a mathematical impossibility.As for the ide
A: I DID simplify it. Each point was added as some new wannabee tried to yank my chain with a new "What if?" As for the medical data - you would not believe how simplified it is. I could have went on for three times as long just explaining the intricacy of the digestive system.

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