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How does Tuberculosis effect you what can it do to you

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TB can give you a cough lasting three or more weeks that may produce discolored or bloody sputum, unintended weight loss MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-tuberculosis-effect-you-what-can-it-do-to-you ]
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What are the long term effects of tuberculosis?
Long term effects include the possibility of latent disease recurring later, effects of the disease itself, and effects of medicines and surgical intervention. High dose medication can lead to liver damage, which can have long term implicat...
What can be the effect of not being treated for tuberculosis??
In addition to spreading the disease to others, an untreated person may become severely ill or die.
Is being TB/Tuberculosis positve a hindering effect on ones cardi...?
No. Being TB positive means that your body has the antibodies for Tuberculosis. This means that if your body is ever exposed to the disease your body will be able to fight it off more easily. This has to do with your immune system, NOT your...

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A: Don't you want to challenge yourself? Okay, I will help you.In the desert, it is very flat and predators travel from many miles. A desert hare needs to be able to hear better than an arctic hare, in order to detect his pray coming at him.Tuberculosis resulted from an outbreak of dormant immune virus cells, but not all victims were equally affected. A strain of antibodies prevents this.That's all I have for you. Good luck!
H1N1 vaccination and judgment?
Q: I was shocked to see how much we are judging each other about a vaccine. One poster even wrote that any parent who does not give the H1N1 vaccine to their child is a "horrible parent who doesn't deserve to have children". Really people? Why all the judgment? As parents, it is our right to make what decision we feel is best for our own children - not everyone else's. The media is tossing out all of these scary numbers, making us think that H1N1 is going to target and kill our children - that we'll be lucky if they don't end up in ICU or even worse, dead. What they aren't throwing out there are the percentages of the deaths, how many of those deaths were related to underlying causes and how minor the fatal threat from H1N1 is in comparison to other communicable diseases. For instance, did you know that in 13 days (April 26-May 6) 31 people died of H1N1. In those same 13 days, 63,066 died of tuberculosis. More than 60,000 people died and not one headline!As for the percentages of deaths related to H1N1? According to a review of hospital admissions to ICU and deaths from H1N1 flu in 2009, seventy five percent of deaths from H1N1 swine flu have been seen in patients with one or more underlying health conditions.The H1N1 death rate is 0.007% to 0.045%. Of that miniscule amount 75% of those deaths were related to underlying causes. Can you see how small the odds are of an otherwise normally healthy person dying of H1N1? You're not seeing that plastered all over the news either.Another comparison? The H1N1 death rate is 0.007% to 0.045% Seasonal flu death rate? 0.1%. Yep. As small as that number is, you still have a higher chance of dying from the seasonal flu than you do H1N1. Again, no one is telling us this. And again, the vast majority of deaths related to the seasonal flu are also related to underlying health problems. Meaning these people already had health issues, the flu just exaggerated the symptoms, making it deadly.And here is one more thing for you. Here are the symptoms of H1N1:fatiguefeverchillscoughingsneezingsore throatmuscle achessome also have diarrhea or vomitingNow here are the side effects from the H1N1 vaccine:runny nose, nasal congestion or coughheadachemuscle achesfeverwheezingtiredness/weaknesschillsabdominal pain or occaisional vomiting or diarrheaNot much difference, huh? As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for parents to decide to forgo the vaccine. My question to you is why can't we set our judgment aside?And this does not include the dangers parents may feel as to the small amount of testing the vaccine has gone through or the concerns about the ingredients in the vaccine.There is always a risk, even with the vaccine. There is still a small chance that you could catch H1N1 even though you're vaccinated. There is also a risk of a severe allergic (including death) to the vaccine as well as a risk of getting Guillain-Barré syndrome. While the death risk is still lower than that of H1N1, the risk is still there.ADORING MY 4: I'm glad this eased some of your stress. I didn't write this to change people's minds, I'm not against those that want the vaccination. I simply was getting tired of the media scaring everyone to death. We need to be told ALL of the facts, not just the ones that will scare us. I hope you're family is feeling better soon - and that you don't catch it! Congrats on the pregnancy. :)OME: "Majority of the deaths from your statistics are people from 3rd world countries."This is true, the statistics covered the entire world, not just the U.S. However, that still goes to show how rare death from H1N1 is if the majority of the deaths are in 3rd world countries. My point was that we are letting the media scare us into believing that H1N1 is a deadly disease and that we should avoid it at all costs. Obviously, no one wants to get sick, but for the vast majority of us, it will be just like any other flu. There is no reason to panic.
A: First I need to thank you for writing this, you have single handily just taken a 1000 pound weight off my shoulders as I was reading this.You have not changed my mind about getting my children the vaccine as soon as I can, it is not out in our area yet, but your statistics have made me breath again.I am 30.2 weeks pregnant with our 5th baby... my 7 year old tested positive for H1N1 on Monday... he is doing much better but I was put on Tamiflu as a precaution. Being in my 3rd trimester and having gestational diabetes really I couldn't chance it not to take it, although I have many apprehensions. Today my 1 yr. old came down with a 101.8 fever... I was praying it was leaving our house, but not yet.It has been very stressful, and today I totally lost it, telling my husband to up my life insurance... I know the chances are low, but your post made me truly feel better... so thank you!

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