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Does the drive-thru diet really work

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The drive-thru diet is not a weight loss program. It is a way for you to control the calorie and fat content you can be allowed to have at a specific fast food drive-thru restaurant. It could work due to it making you eat healthier. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-the-drive%26%2345%3Bthru-diet-really-work ]
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Does the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet Really Work?
There's Nothing Gordita About Christine Dougherty Any More, but Can Her Taco Bell Diet Take the Credit? Remember Jared Fogle. He lost weight on the Subway diet and cashed in big with a TV contract. A few years went by, and a clever young w...

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What action can I take against a bully who is stalking me?
Q: I'm 17 and as well as sixth form, I'm working a part time job in McDs, which is alright really if you must know... been working there for about nine months now, and for eight of them I had no problems whatsoever, until about a month back a girl who had bullied me for no reason pretty much the whole way through senior school came through the drive thru. She saw me and came back round five minutes later. I work two evening shifts a week and since then she's come through on pretty much every single one of them, except my last one when she actually came in, although she didn't spot me. I don't know what she's doing, what she's going to do or why she's doing it. And technically there's nothing wrong with getting some McDonalds, unless you're dieting or a vegetarian. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I've informed a couple of my close friends at work and my best friend has posted himself on my shifts just in case, but there is enough dragging me down at the moment without this. Thanks guys.To clarify to the people telling me I'm not acting like a man... I'm a 17 year old GIRL... and a recovering selective mute.
A: Get evidence and report it to the police as they will have to have words with the individual over the matter.The best way to get evidence is to trick her into a situation where it can only be that she is following you and get one of you friends to witness it if possible use CCTV to your advantage or try to get it on your camera in your phone if he/she is starking you it could lead to something more serious best to bring out in the open before that as a chance to happen
How to lose 90 lbs. the healthy way?
Q: Im two weeks from turning 24 and I got the brave idea yesterday to step on the scale and see how much I truely weigh. Let me tell you the number was not pretty. 245 lbs. What im wanting to know is how do i lose this weight im trying for the goal of doing it in 12 months or less. Im very active, I only drink water, gaterade, and occasionally coke zero or diet soda, I know one of my problems is fast food.... I lie to myself by saying im going to go get a salad for lunch but instead I wind up with a cheeseburger and I'm not the only one so please no mean comments. Sometimes in my busy hectic work week it is easier to just run through a drive thru or subway...I do tend to eat a lot of vegetables when snacking opposed to chips or candy. Im not a big fruit eater but occasionally I will eat Strawberrys, watermelon, or rasberries with all of that being said What can I do? Any advice will help but please if theres anyone whos going to be rude about it just leave the comment and the drama for yourself thanks =) Oh and im 5'10 so its not like i look really fat but im definately not at the healthy level I would like to be.
A: I think that if you go in saying that you want to lose 90 pounds, you may fail. Think about it, when is the last time you weighed 155? How long did it take for you to get to 245? Set smaller, obtainable goals for the best results. Also, I checked your height and desired weight on a BMI calculator and it seems that you will still be a normal weight at 170 pounds. If you lose anything additional to that, yay!As far as the drinks go, try to stick with mostly water or sugarless, decaf tea. Gatorade has way too much sugar and diet sodas are full of caffeine and the artificial sweeteners are just bad news.Do you have a fridge at work? Stock it with fruits and veggies and some healthy sandwich stuff and salad. Do you have a drawer to store goodies? Keep some healthy non-perishable snacks there.We all fall off the wagon in a desire to lose weight but I think the key is to not get discouraged when you do. Pick right back up at the next meal and do not beat yourself up.Here is a great link that you can keep a food and exercise journal on. It is super easy to use and really opened my eyes to what a serving REALLY is and the amount of CRAP I was eating.Best of luck to you! You can do it!
What do you think of my weight loss plan? looking for tips/advice/suggestions?
Q: I am going to start a diet and workout to lose weight for the summer. I am 16, 5'6" and 157 lbs. It's not really the weight i am worried about, because i know that im going to gain some muscle, but i just want to look good and feel better about myself.So i am starting this monday, because tomorrow is Easter, and there is way too much going on to start tomorrow, and im on sping break, so im going to train myself now and it'll be a bit easier when school starts up again. So, every morning i am going to eat non- sugary cereal with 1% milk (mainly cuz no one in my house will drink skim), toast w/ pb, and an apple, orange, etc. ***Im not quite sure how this will work out when school starts next monday, because i have a horrible time getting up early enough, tips for that??*** Then for lunch i will have a sandwich, with ham, cheese, and lettuce, or i will have a salad. ***at school i normally have a wrap, sandwich, or salad from the deli line anyways, but i dont pick very healthy ones, i put a lot of dressings and unnecessary things on it, again, any tips on making them healthier, yet tasty?***And for dinner, that is the hard one, because i really dont have very consistent parentals, and my mom will always go pick up stuff from the drive thru McDs. Any help for dinners?Anyway, my workout plan is this:**this week i am going to work my butt off, doing resistance, cardio, and other things every day**Starting NEXT monday, i will only do one or two of these a day. Mon/Tues/Fri: A mixture of Jogging and walking, using my iPod and running to some music and walking to others. (just going with the beat)Wed/Sat/Sun: push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, other things like that. Thursday is my resting day b/c it's my busiest day. And also, i am dropping soda. Im a mountain dew addict, so it'll be tough, but i heard that once you get through the first couple weeks its easier. Any tips/advice/suggestions that'll help me look and feel better about myself?
A: The key is all in the calories you eat along with the exercise. I am currently on a diet and exercise plan that I started 4 weeks ago. I did not start seeing results until after the 2nd week. Figure out how many calories you burn in an average day. 3500 calories equals one pound. I burn 1600 calories in an average day, therefore in order for me to lose wieght I need to burn more than that and/or eat less than 1600 calories.With your meal plan, you are definately going to want to change it up because if you eat the same thing everyday you will get board and will have a better chance of not sticking to it.For breakfast I will do any of the following:Oatmeal ORbanana and 1 slice of whole grain bread with peanut butterOR your idea of the non-sugary cereal with lowfat milkLunch I eat:Salad w/ light dressingSoup (I like the Campbels Healthy low sodium)If you are going to eat from the deli eat on whole grain bread and I recommend skipping the cheese and going with turkey. Do they have avacado? That is really yummy and is better for you instead of mayo.Snack: Raw vegetables or any kind of fruit, I also like the no sugar jelloDinner: small potato (or half a potato), vegetable, and small piece of meat You definately should NOT be eating fast food. I would tell you mom that you would like to start eating healthy and fast food isn't a good choice.

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