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Does smoking make you skinny

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No, smoking does not make you skinny. It only kills your tastebuds. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-smoking-make-you-skinny ]
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Does smoking make you skinnier?
Nicotine is an appetite suppressant.
Why is it that people who smoke pot alot are skinny? Doesn't pot ...?
It's true -- I know a lot more skinny people that smoke pot, then people who look like they could loose some weight.... I think it's because pot chills you down, and skinny people tend to be higher energy, since their body isn't working as ...
What is the best way to clear your skin at home? Does smoking cig...?
Thank you. I do sweat a lot more now, from exercising in the hot sun, and my skin does get very oily. I try to think of many things it can be. Like the foundation I use on my face, smoking (now it know it's not) and maybe a dusty room. I li...

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Does smoking cigarette make you skinny? Just curious?
Q: I used to smoke a few years ago when i'm already skinny.But now,i've stopped for good because i hated it.DOES it make u look skinny when smoking?
A: You've never seen an over weight smoker before? That's a first.
Does smoking Marijuana often make you skinny?
Q: Not that I smoke marijuana but my boyfriends' friend has been having issues about being "big" and he says he smokes because it makes you skinny and it doesn't kill youb as fast as cocaine.
A: Actually, it has pretty much the opposite effect. It makes you feel slow and lazy and not want to do much. Plus, it can give you the munchies where you'll just eat and eat and pretty much anything that's around. But yeah, much better than cocaine. Better to stick with the weed, but you can't say that it makes you skinny.
Why does smoking make people so skinny and cough so much?
Q: Arrrrrgh! Cough, cough yiiiiiiiiiiiiichoooo!
A: I smoke and I'm not skinny. I must be smoking the wrong thing.

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