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Does milk help hair grow

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Eating a healthy diet, which includes milk, can help hair grow. You can also help hair grow by massaging the scalp. ChaCha away! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-milk-help-hair-grow ]
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Does milk really help hair grow?
No its does not make your hair grow faster, but homogenous milk hair masks make it extrememly soft, just apply the milk all around your hair. Leave it on for about twenty minutes, wash it out, then shampoo and condition. Theres a shampoo ba...
Does drinking milk really help your hair grow??
Yep! along with a good diet which should include lots of leafy green vegetables, fruits and sprouts.
Can Drinking a lot of Milk Help Your Hair Grow Faster??
I have great results with Wild Growth Oil. It works fast seriously! Organic Root products such as the Shampoos, Conditioner, etc. also Biotin pills work great ive been told! you can also wrap hair with a satin cap when going to sleep. Brush...

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Does milk make your hair grow longer?
Q: I don't normally drink milk bust last week I started drinking milk for everyday till now and I have noticed that my hair has grown longer... not how it normally grows. Is it because of the milk?
A: Nope. It is really good for your hair and nails though. It will help make both stronger and that means less breakage and that means your hair will appear to get longer and the hair growing in will be healthier. However it would be a miracle to notice any of this in a week so I think its just wishful thinking on your part. Over time it will help tough. Also, you are looking for growth - your hair will show some because thats what it does.
does drinking milk make your hair grow faster?
Q: i've heard that drinking milk makes your hair grow faster in better condition, but i'm not sure if it's true or not
A: Sure, it's true, or not. You choose.
does your hair still grow longer if you drink soy milk rather then regular milk from a cow?
Q: I also cut off my eyelashes i'm regretting allottt but i heard that if you drink milk, both your hair and eyelashes will grow out faster. But i'm lactose and tolerant so i cant drink regular milk, will soy milk have the same property as regular milk or should i consider talking lactose pills?
A: I don't drink any milk because I also am lactose intolerant but my hair grows 2-2 1/2 inches every 6 weeks. My hairstylist said she has never seen anyone's hair grow so fast. Normal hair growth is 1/2 inch a month. I am forever needing a cut or trim.

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