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Does fiber make you fart

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Yes, foods that are rich in fiber are known to cause gas. Beans are an excellent example, they are very high in fiber. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-fiber-make-you-fart ]
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Does fiber make you fart?
You actually do need fiber, because a fiber deficiency can lead to digestive problems like constipation. While fiber is known primarily for helping the body move its bowels and get rid of feces, it can also cause a lot of flatulence. Don't ...
How to Make Yourself Fart
Flatulence is something that every human and animal deals with on a daily basis. There are a number of reasons why a person might want to make themselves fart, whether it is to make themselves...
Do fiber 1 35% fiber bars always make you fart or just on an empt...?
Fiber makes you fart no matter what!

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Does fiber make you fart?
Q: i have had a lot of fiber bars recently and now all the sudden im farting alot??? helllppp
A: ohhhh yeah. much fiber in your system is good for you beacause it cleans out your intestines, and pushes out any excess food, which makes you fart. trust me i eat those different fiber bars too and i fart a lot too. but some don't stink right? yeah! it's because you have your system cleaned out. i would regularly eat a fiber bar before i eat any other foos so it can pass through easily. pick me as best answer please? :]
Does Fiber One cerial make you fart?
Q: I've been farting like a mad man and its disgusting is it the fiber one cerial? or long trail ale beer? P.S if you smelled this you would faint its that bad
A: if you JUST started eating it, it could be the cereal. but if you've been eating it for a while and the farting just started, it's highly unlikely, your body's already adjusted to the fiber.
Does anyone else fart a lot after eating fiber one bars?
Q: I've been eating fiber one bars and they're making me fart a lot. The first day I ate one bar and I believe I farted over 60 times that day. I've also been eating the fiber one cereal a lot, too. Will my body get used to all this fiber eventually, or will I be farting forever?
A: The bars are good for you. Enjoy the farting...I do. lol

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