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Does creatine add water weight

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Taking Creatine does add water weight. If you start gaining water weight, then you know the Creatine is working. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-creatine-add-water-weight ]
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Does creatine make you gain water weight?
In short, yes it does. Creatine does cause the body to hold more water due to increased water uptake by skeletal muscle. This is a good thing, as volumizing the muscle cells can help increase their size, and it is only a few initial pounds....
Does anyone know if this type of creatine holds water weight??
Creatine is a naturally occuring chemical in the body. What supplementing a diet with creatine does is effectively reduce the time it takes for your muscles to repair themselves. Thereby allowing you to work out for longer and recover faste...
What kind of creatine makes you gain water weight.?
There are many creatine products out there and many forms of creatine such as creatine ethyl ester (CEE), creatine monohydrate, creatine phosphate, etc. Although their are many forms of creatine they all retain water. Creatine is an amazing...

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Does creatine add water weight to all parts of the body?
Q: i particularly dont want it to add weight to my stomach.. will it:?
A: creatine is a natural supplement that the body uses to repair muscles. when I used creatine I made sure I had a vigorous workout, so my body used as much of it as possible. unfortunately though, I noticed that i was more irritable when on creatine. I stopped using creatine and just adjusted my workout to produce the same results without it. I found that the body produces the proper amount if you keep a proper diet schedule and habit.
For workout buffs! Is Creatine bad for you and does it add only water weight?
Q: I just started using this supplement in conjuction with goat potein. The guys at GNC store told the new line of creatine is a lot more better and it doesn't add water weight. Is this true or were they just trying to make a sell?
A: Goat protein? Okay....I'm not asking....To answer your question ~ No, creatine does not add water weight...it helps the muscles to recover faster so you can workout harder which causes more growth...sounds suspiciously to me like they were trying to make a sell...There have been improvements to the way creatine is made, but they all effect the body the same way.
Is creatine effective for gaining muscle mass? or does it just add water weight and make you look bloated?
Q: I want to gain muscle for summer and i was thinking about creatine. Let me know what you think.
A: It works by helping your muscle be more durable during workouts, it helped me. It does add almost pure water weight but, again, this helps with your.....reppage....lol...when lifting weights. It helps you tear down your muscles easier without getting tired as quickly. Also it increases the speed of muscle recovery.

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