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Does chewing gum curb your appetite

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Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University found that Chewing gum can be a good appetite suppressant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-chewing-gum-curb-your-appetite ]
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Is chewing gum an appetite suppressant?
dr oz, better man, diets, diet plans, weight loss used gum pack <p>Yes. People offered food plus gum will eat less food. The only thing to be careful of is that sugarless gum &#151; which is what's recommended &#151; gives som...
Does chewing gum stop your appetite?
Pepprmint is an appetite suppressant but actually in gum form has the opposite effect. The action of chewing sends messages to your body to prepare for food. Gastric juices are released in expectation of a meal, and when it doesn't come, th...
Does chewing gum make a person have less of an appetite??
did you mean decreases appetite? Yes the mint does curve your hunger and also chewing helps keep your mind off of eating.

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What are some tips to curb cravings or decrease your appetite?
Q: What pills or what remedies do you guys do for late night cravings to help you stop? Like besides snacking every 2 hours, drinking water, chewing gum, the typical common knowledge stuff..im curious to know if theres any pills that help decrease ur appetite and stop u from getting hungry late at night or just make u eat alot less.
A: i don't know any diet tips but i just thought you should know that any form of diet pills are VERY bad for you because they tend to speed up your heart and have TONS of chemicals in them. they'll eventually end up doing you more harm then good. maybe chew on ice or celery?that's my best guess =//
How can i lose weight? And what foods curb the appetite?
Q: i need to lose weight, very specifically on my stomach and upper thighs. i can do some exersize (meaning jogging, running, swimming and so on) for the next week and a half (i'm on vacations) but after that my schedules tied up with school and tests. because of that i'm more interested in what i can do food-wise to get rid of the weight. i know celery has ''negative calories'' and eating ice supposedly curbs your apettite (could someone tell me how to spell that?) but what other foods do the same? and does chewing gum also keep you from getting hungry? thanks, and some exersizes (also misspelled, i believe) that concentrate on the belly and thighs.
A: chewing gum makes me hungry but occupied

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