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Do they have bars to make you gain weight

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Some recommend high protein bars such as Oh Yeah High Protein Bars to help with weight gain. It's the same idea as protein shakes. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-they-have-bars-to-make-you-gain-weight ]
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Will protein bars make me gain weight?
No. Excess calories make you gain weight. As long as you are getting the proper amount of calories, you will be fine. You should have protein 5-7 times a day for optimal nutrition. This will also help you loose weight as well if you so choo...
Do Luna bars make you gain weight?
I would just say you're gaining muscle from working out - I LOVE luna bars, I just make sure I stay at my daily calorie limit when I eat them and I'm fine. Gaining muscle is never bad, and luna bars are really good to eat before a workout b...
Can protein bars make you gain weight?
They support building muscle, but if you're looking to gain weight then the best option is basically eat more, healthy food, just lots of it. Also those bars are heavy on the stomach id recommend a shake. For weight gain, don't just get pro...

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Can protein bars make you gain weight?
Q: I have been working out about 4-5 times a week for awhile and I have just started eating and drinking protein bars and shakes. These apparently have a lot of saturated fat in them (35% Daily Value) and I am trying to build muscle. I also am trying to active. So, can protein bars make you gain weight and is it OK to go some days without eating as much protein and still build muscle? Thanks for your help.And the protein bars have been making me feel bloated.
A: Yes protein bars can make you gain weight, maybe not the right kind of weight. You still need to eat a balanced diet. If the bars are making you feel bloated that can't be good.
What nutrition bars can I eat to make me gain weight?
Q: I'm a runner, and I'm just to skinny. I want to gain some weight, prefferably in the form of muscle. What nutrition bars can I eat before a run, or anytime for that matter, to help me gain some weight? Like, in Mean Girls when Regina eats those bars and she gains weight. Do those things really exist?
A: nutrition bars wont really hep you gain weight unless you eat like 10 a day. Go for a mass gainer if you really want to gain some weight. Each serving is close to 1k calories. Try this site...
Will Pure Protein bars make me gain weight?
Q: I eat a pure protein bar for breakfast and i'm not on the low carb diet, will these bars make me gain weight.
A: Eating more calories than you burn will make you gain weight, not any one food in particular.

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