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Do sesame seeds have gluten in them

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McCormick states their single herb or spice products are gluten and additive free. Not all companies sesame seeds are though. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-sesame-seeds-have-gluten-in-them ]
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Do any of your lip balms contain gluten, sesame seed oil, tree nu...?
No, our lip balms do not contain these ingredients.

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Please list all "Wheat Containing" nuts and possible "Oils" that are made out of them?
Q: One cooking oil that I am particularly curious about is "Sesame Oil". My roommate cooks with it and I'm getting the same reaction as if it were made of wheat. Could sesame seeds or the oil made from sesame seeds contain wheat or gluten?Please, also, list the source where you got your information from. Thanx. :)Anama: my roommate is Japanese, so the "sesame oil" is from a Japanese Market.Here's the brand name:Shirakiku 100% pure sesame oilINGREDIENTS: SESAMEDistributed by: Nishimoto Trading Co., LTD.Kobe, 650 JAPANPRODUCT OF JAPAN...and that's all it reads. Thanx for your help, everyone! :)
A: There should not be any wheat or gluten in pure sesame oil. You should check the bottle to make sure that the oil is not produced in a facility or on the same line as a gluten product.If you have celiac and you can post the specific oil, I can check Cecelia's Marketplace GF Shopping guide for you. If you do not have one of these handy shopping guides, please go here and purchase one asap! It will make you life a LOT easier:http://www.ceceliasmarketplace.com/Clan Thompson's is also very good. Post the name brand, I will check back later!Also, check that they have not cut the oil with wheat germ oil. Do you have your own pots and pans that she isn't allowed to use so you can avoid cross contamination? What about cutting boards, sponges, wooden spoons.Also, check your soy sauce if you are making stirfry, there is usually wheat in soy sauce and if your roomy is adding that to the food that might be the source. Good luck! I hope you figure this out!Hi, I checked on that and could not find anything on it. If you are reacting to it, then it is most likely a cross contamination issue either an "in house" issue or with the processing of the oil itself. You might want to consider that you may have an additional sesame issue, do you have any problems with hummus? Try hummus (tahini) and if you feel terrible, it is probably sesame itself that you are reacting to.Hope you get it figured out, I hate sneaky cross contam. issues! Blessings!

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