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Could you live off of Vitamins and water

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You need to maintain a balanced diet and the recommended daily allowance is 2,000 calories. You need to eat a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables, to survive and be healthy. Attempting to live that way would be dangerous. Cha Cha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/could-you-live-off-of-vitamins-and-water ]
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Can you live off of centrum vitamins and water?
No. Vitamins are simply chemicals that help the body use food and maintain normal bodily functions, such as rebuilding cells and keeping the chemistry of your internal organs running right. Think of fire: needs 1) something to burn, and 2...

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Can you live off of vitamins and water?
Q: my uncle says so.
A: No, your body doesn't use that for energy. You need glucose from food and fuel. Your body uses carbohydrates, proteins, and fats differently, and all are nessecary. You need six macro nutrients: carbs, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water.
Is it possible to live off Vitamins and Water?
Q: Everything seems to come in either a pill or powder form. I was just curious is it possible to live off Vits and supplements without eating any really food. Like drink protein shakes and take 1aday vits or centruim. Or fish oil pills, vit c pills, etc, etc. Is it possible?I on't mean starving yourself, your body is still getting the needed nutrients that it needs. Isn't it?
A: Well, if ur talkin about survival solely on vitamins and water, then the answer is NO, DEFINITELY NOT. Simply put neither of these things provide our body with energy. For us to survive, we need energy (produced in the body in the form of a molecule called ATP). This energy is released from all the food we eat (including fats/carbs and protiens). These three basic nutrients are important for our survival not only cuz they provide energy but also cuz they are the ONLY source for essential nutrients our body needs (like 8 essential amino acids, and 2 essential fatty acids). Both water and vitamins ARE important, but are definitely not things we can live on. Vitamins only help chemical reactions in our body running smoothly and water has a variety of functions--none of which are nutritional.If u started a diet of vitamins and water, the body will start breaking glycogen(stored carbs in the liver) to release energy, then it'll turn to ur fats and start burnin em for more energy, and if all else fails...it will start consuming ur proteins(MUSCLES!) u'll look like a stick! VITAMINS DONT GIVE OUR BODY NUTRIENTS , that's why they're called SUPPLEMENTS= they suppliment the diet (which shud be composed of carbs/fats/protiens...that's all)I don't have all the answers, but hope that helped =D
Can I live off of Vitamin water?
Q: Or what can i live off of?I know i can't live off of just water, but is there any other things that you can survive with?
A: Not on your life. ;DTake a quick peek at the nutritional label and see just how deficient it would be as your only source of nutritional intake. During survival, there are bugs and roots you can find, depending on where you go. Before making a trip as such, you'll obviously be doing your research. Don't pull a Chris McCandless!

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