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Can you die from drinking water

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Drinking water is essential to living, but there are ways that you can die from drinking too much water.Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-die-from-drinking-water ]
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Can you die from drinking water?
contaminated water. ie ceratin types of bacteria can make you sick => die
How can someone die from drinking too much water??
In January 2007, hours after competing in a radio station contest to win a Nintendo Wii, 28-year-old Jennifer Strange was found dead in her California home. The station's "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" challenge awarded the game syst...
Is it possible to die from drinking too much water?
Water enters the body when we drink and is removed primarily in the urine and sweat. The amount of water in the body is regulated to control the levels of certain compounds, such as salt, in the blood. If you drink too much water, eventuall...

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Can you really die from drinking too much water fast?
Q: In the news a kid died from drinking water too fast. He was in football practice and it was like 100 degrees and he drank a gallon of water when he got home he was exhausted and he drank another gallon of water. They said he died from drinking too much water too fast.Is that true?
A: yes it is true it is called water intoxication
Can you die from drinking too much water?
Q: I heard that if you drink too much water over a period of time you can die from water poisoning. Do you know anything about this?
A: Yes. We actually just had someone die from this. She entered a contest, hold your wee for a wii. She died the same night. Look it up on the net. Brain ends up swelling and water gets into the blood cells and dilutes them cause them to "drown" in water. It's scary but true.
leaving cigarets in water can you die from drinking it?
Q: if you leave cigarettes in water can you die from drinking the water?
A: No, but you may vomit. That doesn't sound very refreshing.

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