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Can coffee be bad for you

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Actually, it seems to protect against all sorts of ills, from diabetes to liver cancer. But addiction to caffeine can be bad. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-coffee-be-bad-for-you ]
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Is coffee bad?
it depends on how much u drink. u should really only have one day if that when u r young and old actually because it has a lot of caffine and it will make you quite hyper. then if u have too much ur body becomes immune and u will start feel...
Who Am I? | Life is too short to drink bad coffee
Thanks to Mas Ifoel and Abang Diki. Your awards have a great meaning for me. Regards. I'm sorry if you found me with "Who Am I, Seno?" as keyword in your searching. It is not about Jackie Chan's Film , it is not about Wong Pitu...
Does coffee go bad?
Thanks. Rancid, bad, both sound "not good". I should really remember to stick it in the fridge if I forget about it, but that's obviously the problem to begin with, I forget about it. At least I buy the cheap stuff. That's gotta b...

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Is coffee bad for your health?
Q: I really like it and don't know how to leave it alone. I don't smoke, do drugs or anything bad. Only drink coffee. So tell me if it is bad because I hear different things about it and how do I give up on it ?
A: This is so controversial, every other year they are coming out saying a cup of day helps prevent something or cause something lol
Why is coffee bad for teenagers?
Q: Why is it bad? What are the effects of coffee on teenagers? When do you think they can start drinking or should we not drink them at all?
A: Some of these people are just plain stupid...http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20051101/news_lz1c01fact.html
Is drinking a LOT of coffee bad for the body?
Q: I drink about 4-5 cups of strong coffee every day. Close to the end and for a while afterwards, I can feel my heart beating faster and heavier, and I feel jittery and fidgety. Is this bad for my body and will it have negative effects over time?
A: Apparently drinking coffee increases your sperm count... (assuming you're a guy lol)

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